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Wanted Posters

The Straw Hat Pirates' Posters

Monkey D. Luffy's Current Wanted Poster
Luffy's wanted poster.
Roronoa Zoro's Current Wanted Poster
Zoro's wanted poster.
Nami's Current Wanted Poster
Nami's wanted poster.
God Usopp's Wanted Poster
Usopp's wanted poster (as "God Usopp").
Sanji's Current Wanted Poster
Sanji's wanted poster.
Tony Tony Chopper's Current Wanted Poster
Chopper's wanted poster.
Nico Robin's Current Wanted Poster
Robin's wanted poster.
Cyborg Franky's Wanted Poster
Franky's wanted poster, depicting the Franky Shogun.
Brook's Concert Wanted Poster
Brook's wanted poster (as "Soul King Brook").

Former depictions

Luffy Wanted Poster
Luffy's former wanted poster.
Zoro's Wanted Poster
Zoro's former wanted poster.
Nami's Wanted Poster
Nami's former wanted poster.
Usopp's Wanted Poster
Usopp's former wanted poster, depicting Sogeking.
Sanji's Wanted Poster
Sanji's former wanted poster, depicting a bad drawing.
Tony Tony Chopper's Wanted Poster
Chopper's former wanted poster.
Robin's first bounty
Robin's wanted poster when she was a child.
Nico Robin's Wanted Poster
Robin's former wanted poster.
Franky's Wanted Poster
Franky's former wanted poster.
Brook Alive Bounty Poster
Brook's wanted poster when he was alive.
Jinbe's Wanted Poster
Jinbe's first wanted poster.

Shichibukai Posters

Current Shichibukai

Buggy's Wanted Poster
Buggy's wanted poster.
Hancock's Wanted Poster
Boa Hancock's wanted poster.

Former Shichibukai

Crocodile Wanted
Crocodile's wanted poster.
Doflamingo's Wanted Poster
Donquixote Doflamingo's wanted poster.
Law's Wanted Poster
Trafalgar Law's wanted poster.

East Blue Posters

Higuma Bounty Poster
Higuma's wanted poster as seen in Episode of Luffy.
Alvida Anime Wanted Poster
Alvida's wanted poster with her original appearance.
Mikio Itoo Manga Infobox
Mikio Itoo's wanted poster.
Mikio Itoo's Digitally Colored Wanted Poster
Mikio Itoo's alternative wanted poster.
Jango Bounty Poster DC
Jango's wanted poster in Jango's Dance Carnival.
Kuro's Wanted Poster
Kuro's crossed out wanted poster (with incorrect bounty) as seen in the ninth movie.
Krieg Bounty Poster
Krieg's wanted poster.
Bentham's Wanted Poster
Bentham's wanted poster (as "Mr. 2 Bon Kurei").
Portgas D. Ace's Wanted Poster
Portgas D. Ace's wanted poster.
Bartolomeo 4th Eyecatcher Face
Bartolomeo's Eyecatcher featuring his wanted poster.
Sabo's Wanted Poster
Sabo's wanted poster.

West Blue Posters

Nico Olvia's Wanted Poster
Nico Olvia's wanted poster.
Yorki's Wanted Poster
Yorki's wanted poster.
Capone Bege's wanted poster.

South Blue Posters

Eustass Kid's Wanted Poster
Eustass Kid's wanted poster.
Jewelry Bonney's Wanted Poster
Jewelry Bonney's wanted poster.

North Blue Posters

Hawkins' Wanted Poster
Basil Hawkins' wanted poster.
X Drake' Wanted Poster
X Drake' wanted poster.
Caribou wanted
Caribou's wanted poster.
Wellington's Anime Wanted Poster
Wellington's wanted poster.

Grand Line Posters


Foxy's Wanted Poster
Foxy's wanted poster.
Mikazuki Bounty
Mikazuki's wanted poster.
Scratchmen Apoo's Wanted Poster
Scratchmen Apoo's wanted poster.
Pinkbeard's Wanted Poster
Pinkbeard's wanted poster.

New World

Arlong's Wanted Poster
Arlong's wanted poster.
Dorry & Brogy Bounty Poster
Dorry and Brogy's wanted poster.
Fisher Tiger's Bounty
Fisher Tiger's wanted poster.
Caesar Clown Bounty Poster
Caesar Clown's wanted poster.
Cavendish's Wanted Poster
Cavendish's wanted poster.
Thunder Soldier's Wanted Poster
Kyros's wanted poster (as "Thunder Soldier").
Cracker's Wanted Poster
Charlotte Cracker's wanted poster, depicting his Biscuit Armor.
Charlotte Linlin's Second Wanted Poster
Charlotte Linlin's latest known wanted poster.
Marshall D. Teach's Wanted Poster
Marshall D. Teach's wanted poster.
Teach's Full Image Wanted Poster
Marshall D. Teach's wanted poster with photo intact.

Former depictions

Charlotte Linlin's First Wanted Poster
Charlotte Linlin's first wanted poster.
Crocodile's First Wanted Poster
Crocodile's first known wanted poster.

Non-Canon Posters

Woonan Bounty
Woonan's Wanted Poster.
Golass bounty
Golass's wanted poster.
Dontacos Anime Infobox
Dontacos's wanted poster.
Usanksai Anime Infobox
Usanksai's wanted poster.
Tohenbok Anime Infobox
Tohenbok's wanted poster.
Tacobo Anime Infobox
Tacobo's wanted poster.
Sard Anime Infobox
Sard's wanted poster.
Gally Bounty Poster
Gally's wanted poster.
El Drago's wanted.
Boojack's Movie 2 Wanted Poster
Boo Jack's wanted.
Honey Queen's Movie 2 Wanted Poster
Honey Queen's wanted poster.
Skunk One's Movie 2 Wanted Poster
Skunk One's wanted poster.
Pin Joker's Movie 2 Wanted Poster
Pin Joker's wanted poster.
Bear King's Movie 2 Wanted Poster
Bear King's wanted poster.
Ace's Anime Wanted Poster
Portgas D. Ace's filler wanted poster.
Dick's Wanted Poster
Dick's wanted poster.
Dareda Anime Infobox
Dareda's wanted poster.
Battler Wanted Poster
Battler's wanted poster.
Hotdog Bounty Poster
Hotdog's wanted poster.
Heaby Wanted
Heaby's wanted poster.
Wetton's Wanted Poster
Wetton's wanted poster.
Willy Bounty Poster
Willy's wanted poster.
Bigalo's Wanted Poster
Bigalo's wanted poster.
Needless bounty
Needless's wanted poster.
A A A's Wanted Poster
A A A's wanted poster.
Red Arrows
Red Arrows Pirates' wanted poster.
Koba K Anime Infobox
Koba K's wanted poster.
Spiel's Wanted Poster
Spiel's wanted poster.
D.R.'s Wanted Poster From Movie 9
D.R.'s wanted poster.
Wild Joe bounty
Wild Joe's wanted poster.
Hitokui Bounty Poster
Hitokui's wanted poster.
Henna Oyag's Wanted Poster
Henna Oyag's wanted poster.
Puzzle's Wanted Poster
Puzzle's wanted poster.
Byrnnidi World former bounty
Byrnndi World's wanted poster.
Bobrad's Wanted Poster
Bobrad's wanted poster.
Tambu's Wanted Poster
Tambu's wanted poster.
Patrick Redfield's Wanted Poster
Patrick Redfield's wanted poster.
Shiki Wanted Poster
Shiki's wanted poster.
Mobu Head's Wanted Poster
Mobu Head's wanted poster.
Namie Amuro Bounty Poster
Namie Amuro's wanted poster.
Douglas Bullet Wanted Poster
Douglas Bullet's wanted poster.

Other variants

Vander Decken IX's Wanted Poster
Vander Decken IX's wanted poster in Ryugu Kingdom.
Zorojuro's Wanted Poster
Zorojuro's wanted poster in Wano.
Kamazo Poster
Kamazo's wanted poster in Wano.
Sanji's Wano Wanted Poster
Sangoro's wanted poster in Wano.
Shinobu's Wano Wanted Poster
Shinobu's wanted poster in Wano.
Bepo's Wano Wanted Poster
Bepo's wanted poster in Wano.
Shachi's Wano Wanted Poster
Shachi's wanted poster in Wano.
Nami's Wano Wanted Poster
O-Nami's wanted poster in Wano.
Franky's Wano Wanted Poster
Franosuke's wanted poster in Wano.
Penguin's Wano Wanted Poster
Penguin's wanted poster in Wano.
Usopp's Wano Wanted Poster
Usohachi's wanted poster in Wano.
Robin's Wano Wanted Poster
O-Robi's wanted poster in Wano.


Luffy eyecatcher poster
The end of Luffy's first eyecatcher.
Zoro eyecatcher poster
The end of Zoro's first eyecatcher.
Nami eyecatcher poster
The end of Nami's first eyecatcher.
Usopp eyecatcher poster
The end of Usopp's first eyecatcher.
Sanji eyecatcher poster
The end of Sanji's first eyecatcher.
Vivi eyecatcher poster
The end of Vivi's and Karoo's eyecatcher.
Chopper eyecatcher poster
The end of Chopper's first eyecatcher.
Robin eyecatcher poster
The end of Robin's first eyecatcher.
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