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Bounty Maru is the ship of Yosaku and Johnny that was first introduced in a cover story.[1]


Bounty Maru looks like a normal fishing boat. It has two life rings attached to its sides, and has an anchor as well. On the sail of Bounty Maru, there is the word "Sea" (?) written on it. This is the same word as the word on Johnny's cheek. Bounty Maru has two flags. The flag on the top says "Cocoyashi Village - Brothers of the Port" (ココヤシ村 港の兄弟?) and the one below says "#2 Bounty Maru - Yosaku & Johnny" (第二 バウンティ丸 ヨサク&ジョニー?). It is unknown if "#2" or "Yosaku & Johnny" are part of the ship's name.[1]


Bounty Maru seems to be a very durable ship, since despite its size, it is seen carrying Yosaku, Johnny, an oversized fish, cannons, and barrels, but still sailing normally.[1]


  • The "Maru" (丸) in Bounty Maru is a common ending for Japanese ship names.


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