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The Bourgeois Kingdom is a kingdom located somewhere in the Grand Line from which Cavendish hails.


Little has been seen of the kingdom so far, but there exists a large castle where the royal family resides. Directly in front of the castle is a stone path that weaves through a field of flowers.[1]


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Bourgeois Kingdom
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Cavendish was born as the prince of the Bourgeois Kingdom, and even when he was a child he was admired by women.[1] As Cavendish grew older, he got so popular that the women of the kingdom refused to get married,[3] and he was eventually run out of the kingdom for being too popular, left with 74 underlings and Beli500,000,000.


  • "Bourgeois" is usually an adjective to describe something relating to the bourgeoisie (or ruling class).
    • It might also be a reference to Bourgeois tragedy, which follows Cavendish's theme of European works.


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