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The Brachio Tank V is one of the newest additions to the Thousand Sunny's Soldier Dock, residing in the newly created Dock 5.[1]


The cockpit can expand by pulling a lever. The mouth of the gun is shaped like a brachiosaurus and it can be raised and lowered. The main body of the tank is somewhat round-shaped, and it uses tank tread belts to move.[1] It is made of Wapometal and can "dock" with the Kurosai FR-U IV to form the General Franky.[2]

The Brachio Tank V's legs.

Somewhere on the tank, there is a transformation switch. When this is hit, two mechanical legs come out of the back of the tank and are used to make it stand upright, with the gun facing upwards. These legs can be used to run instead of using the tank treads to drive. This form resembles the General Franky's legs and the tank treads on being on the back.[3]

In the anime, it makes a dull, somewhat high pitched honking sound each time a round is fired.


Fishman Island Arc

The tank was first revealed when Usopp drove it outside to battle against a member of the New Fishman Pirates, who tried to use a flail to attack Franky and the Kurosai FR-U IV. Tony Tony Chopper, Nami, and Pappag were also inside the tank.[1] The tank was eventually caught in a pitfall made by Daruma, and Franky accidentally drove the Kurosai FR-U IV in the pit after them. He then kicked the others out of the tank, and took control of it, "docking" it with his bike to form the General Franky.[2]

Wano Country Arc

When the Straw Hat Pirates disembarked on Onigashima during the raid to attack Kaidou, Usopp and Chopper drove the Brachio Tank V with Nami, Sanji, Carrot, and Shinobu on board.[4] After they arrived at Woman Trouble, everyone except Usopp and Chopper got off to be with Kin'emon and the other forces. They all hid in the water when they heard a noise, but being inside the Brachio Tank V, Chopper and Usopp could not hide from the Emperor Big Mom who peered out of the brothel's window.[5] They started firing at Big Mom, but she was unfazed and chased them as they drove the tank in reverse.[6]

During her chase of the tank, she hit it, causing a transformation switch to be activated, which made the tank sprout legs. Eventually, she stopped her chase, returning to Woman Trouble. Usopp and Chopper returned shortly after as well, running past the brothel in the tank. However, they decided not to get involved, instead going in the direction of Kin'emon's group.[3] Once they had heard of Kozuki Momonosuke's upcoming execution, the two decided to head to the Live Floor to rescue him.[7] However, along the way, they were caught by Jaki, one of the Numbers.[8] Once freed by Franky, the two Straw Hats left the vehicle, while Franky activated docking mode to form General Franky.[9]


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