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Bravo and Khorosho are members of the Banzai Pirates.[1] They first appeared in Ocean's Dream! - Oceans of Dreams.


The shorter pirate is a stout man with an olive skintone, a small nose, a rounded chin, and a large mouth. He also has small ears and a surface-length beard. He wears a pink and white striped short-sleeved shirt and matching cap. He also wears brown shoes and blue pants. He greatly resembles Poppoko.

The taller pirate is quite lanky with fair skin, thick pink lips, and bright orange hair. He wears a purple and yellow striped shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes. He greatly resembles a member of the Tightrope Walking Funan Bros.


Bravo and Khorosho are extremely allegiant to their captain, Bravo. They are also similarly aggressive, as they attacked the Straw Hat Pirates without much reason under their captain's command.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit


The taller pirate of the pair is seen wielding a standard shotgun and is somewhat proficient in using it.


  • Zako Storm (ザコストーム Kosutōmu?, literally meaning "Small-fry Storm"): Bravo, Khorosho, and their captain, Banzai, charge the enemy in a three-wave attack. The shorter of the pair kicks at the opponent, followed by a shot from the taller pirate's shotgun. To finish the combination, Banzai slashes downward at his opponent, releasing a shock wave similar to the techniques of Rankyaku.[1]


Ocean's Dream! - Oceans of DreamsEdit

After the Straw Hat Pirates had their memories taken by Noko and Tatsu and washed up unconscious on an island, the crew woke up on the beach and tried to figure out what was going on in their amnesiac confusion. Having decided to work together, they approached the coast and heard the sound of Noko's seahorse flute. The Banzai Pirates appeared before the Straw Hats and threatened Luffy, who challenged the captain Banzai. Bravo and Khorosho fought alongside their captain but were ultimately defeated by the disoriented crew.[1]

Major BattlesEdit


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