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Breath Quigong[1] is a skill used by Ant De Bonham to allow him to alter his physique to improve various attributes, such as strength and speed.

The technique is very similar to Seimei Kikan, but appears to be different from it.


  • Adios (アディオス, Adiosu?): Using his breathing technique to what he refers to as "First Step - Reinforcing" (壱の段 補法, Ichi-no-dan Hohō?), Bonham is able to increase his muscle mass and strength. It was first used against Luffy when the later tried to escape the Fron Island's base dining hall.[1] Adiós is Spanish for "Goodbye".
  • Gracias (グラシアス, Gurashiasu?): Using his breathing technique to what he refers to as "Second Step - Reducing" (弐の段 泄法, Ni-no-dan Shahō?), Bonham is able to decrease his size and increase his speed. It was first used against Chopper as he stole supplies from the food storage on Fron Island.[1] Gracias is Spanish for "Thank You".
Bonham's "Adios" form which increases strength.
Bonham's "Gracias" form which increases speed.


  • The technique is also similar to Luffy's Gear 4 Techniques, specifically his Boundman and Snakeman forms.


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