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A broker is an individual or a party who makes an illegal transaction or dealing with others. They operate their illicit activities in the New World.


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The brokers focused on are Underworld dealers,[2] trading in illegal goods such as slaves of different species, highly priced goods, or weapons of mass destruction.

A very famous broker is Donquixote Doflamingo, who operates under the alias "Joker" in the Underworld.[3] He once possessed the Human Auctioning House, where slave trading thrived. He is also known to be collaborating with Caesar Clown in dealing chemical weapons of mass destruction, among other business arrangements. In his dealings, he also has had subordinates such as Disco to help him to make the transactions. Disco ceased being a broker when the Auction House fell into disrepair.

Franky was once a merchant in the Underworld before becoming a pirate, with his family of thugs dismantling ships and stealing from others and selling the stolen goods on the black market, and Franky himself had connections in the black market, enough to acquire the immensely rare wood from the Treasure Tree Adam.[4]

Other brokers of the Underworld include Pekoms and Tamago of the Big Mom Pirates.[2]

Unnamed Brokers

Several unnamed brokers were shown watching Caesar's demonstration of Shinokuni. They all reside in the New World. A majority of them have only been seen in silhouette.

  • The first broker has long light-colored hair, wears a large scarf and carries a sword.[2]
  • The second broker is a muscular man who has curly hair tied in a ponytail, wears earrings, and is seen smoking a cigar. There is another person standing next to him.[2] When Caesar was defeated by Luffy, he expressed his anger at Shinokuni's ineffectiveness.[5]
  • The third broker has short spiky hair, pointed ears, a large collar, and seemingly long arms. They question how Caesar managed to capture people of the caliber of Trafalgar Law, Monkey D. Luffy, Nico Robin and Smoker.[6]
  • The fourth and fifth brokers are always seen together. One of them is a man with long hair who wears a cowboy hat and sunglasses. The other is a man with long bangs which cover his eyes who wears headphones and is seen holding a bladed weapon. Both men have blond hair and are shirtless underneath the thick unbuttoned coats they are wearing.[7] When Caesar was defeated by Luffy, one of them expressed his shock while the other watched silently.[5]
  • The sixth broker is bald man who has horns and wears a plumage coat,[7] who appears to belong to the Beasts Pirates and has connections to Jack. After Caesar's defeat, he rose up and ordered another person to report to Jack.[5]
  • The seventh broker is an old man who has a white mustache and beard, wears an aviator hat, is seen smoking a cigarette, and carries a three-pointed trident.[7] After Caesar's defeat, he states that "Joker" will now make his move.[5]
  • The eighth broker is a thick-bodied man who has large rounded shoulders and wears sunglasses, suspenders and a bow tie. He is seen talking to Rob Lucci undercover.[5] In the anime, his thick neck is interpreted as a large collar, making his body appear slimmer.
  • The ninth broker is tall and wears a robe, has large lips, a rhomboid nose and red eyes. The rest of their face is obscured in darkness. The bottom of their robe has a Jolly Roger on it.[8]
  • The tenth broker wears a large mask which appears to be a lion with a black face and gray mane.[8] In the anime, the snout of the mask is interpreted as a bird's beak, and the person is wearing long gloves and black pants.
  • The eleventh broker is a man with short hair who has completely white eyes and is wearing a red long-sleeved shirt and pants.[8]


The brokers mentioned in One Piece Magazine.

  • Two of the brokers seen during Caesar's broadcast in Chapter 675 resemble a pair of thugs who fought Luffy and Ace during their childhood, seen in a flashback in Chapter 589.[9][7] This was later pointed out in the third volume of One Piece Magazine.[10]
  • Despite not being brokers, Eustass Kid and Killer of the Kid Pirates were seen watching Caesar Clown's broadcast about his experiment on Punk Hazard. Kid later stated that although they have no interest in most Underworld matters,[6] he likes to stay informed.[2]
  • In the manga, Rob Lucci appears in silhouette several times as one of the brokers watching Caesar's broadcast.[8][6][5][11] However, the anime replaced Lucci with a different character, who has a thick moustache and a different voice actor.


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