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Brontosaurus was a dinosaur who lived on Little Garden.[1]


Brontosaurus in the Digitally Colored Manga.

Brontosaurus was a large dinosaur with green skin and a long neck. Like more brontosauruses, he had a small head compared to its larger body.


Little is known about Brontosaurus's personality. He was considered a gentle but still dangerous creature by Vivi.[3]

Abilities and Powers

Brontosaurus was easily able to flip Luffy up in the air on his head and swallow the pirate, but he was no match for Dorry.[3]


Little Garden Arc

Luffy and Vivi encountered Brontosaurus while exploring Little Garden. Luffy climbed up Brontosaurus's neck and stood on top of his head to look over Little Garden.[1] Vivi warned Luffy to get down, but the pirate did not listen. Brontosaurus flipped Luffy back with his head and swallowed him in one gulp. Dorry had watched this and quickly decapitated Brontosaurus, freeing Luffy from its esophagus. Dorry cooked Brontosaurus, and they ate him.[3]

Anime and Manga Differences

In the manga, Luffy and Vivi interact with only one dinosaur, Brontosaurus. In the anime, the scene is extended and includes multiple brontosauruses. Luffy and Vivi first encounter a young brontosaurus, and Luffy tries to get it to take him to another part of the island by grabbing and turning its head. The young brontosaurus cries out, and a group of adult brontosauruses comes to help it. Luffy swings and jumps between all of their heads before landing on a darker one covered in small scars. This is the one that swallows Luffy and is killed by Dorry in the anime. Because the roles of Brontosaurus are split between two brontosauruses, the young one and the scarred one, a clear identification cannot be made.[4]

Young Brontosaurus in the Anime.png
The young dinosaur that Luffy first encountered in the anime.
Brontosaurus Herd in the Anime.png
The group of dinosaurs that came to the young one's call.
Old Brontosaurus in the Anime.png
The scarred dinosaur Dorry killed in the anime.


Video Games

Playable Appearances


  • The name is spelled as "Bronte Zaurus" in the website domain of ONE[5]


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