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The Brownbeard Pirates[2] were a pirate crew in the New World headed by Chadros Higelyges, better known as "Brownbeard".[1]

Jolly Roger

The Brownbeard Pirates' Jolly Roger resembles a caricature of Brownbeard's face, having a shorter version of his beard, a small black nose and small beady black eyes, a frowning grin, a large brown headpiece and two sabers behind the head of the face.

Crew Members

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Brownbeard Pirates 
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Members of the crew mainly wore the same attire prior to the timeskip, which was basically no shirts or tops along with baggy pants, cloths tied around their waists and they also wore what appeared to be large wrestling belts. After their loss to Basil Hawkins and arrival to Punk Hazard, many of the crew members had their lower bodies replaced with animal halves and turned into either Centaurs or Satyrs, and later joined Brownbeard in the Centaur Patrol Unit. The exact number of men that survived the attack by Hawkins is unknown or how many members of the Centaur Patrol were originally part of the old crew, however one member with notable horn-like brows and long hair has been seen next to Brownbeard during both his first appearance and later reappearance as a centaur.

Crew Strength

The crew is powerful enough to survive in the New World, and to take over one of Whitebeard's islands, albeit doing so after his death. However, they were no match for Basil Hawkins.[3]


Summit War Saga

Post-War Arc

Brownbeard encountering Basil Hawkins.

The crew took over Foodvalten after the death of Whitebeard.[1] However, Basil Hawkins fought[3] and defeated them, crippling all of their legs in the process.[2]


The survivors, including their captain, barely escaped and headed to Punk Hazard, where they were transformed into centaurs by Trafalgar Law's Devil Fruit ability and were enlisted under the service of Caesar Clown. As they all looked up to Caesar and Law for saving them, the crew followed them blindly.[2] This was until Brownbeard realized the truth, that they were disposable and were being used as guinea pigs for the mad scientist's experiments. He then tried to rebel and retrieve his crew, however Caesar claimed that they are no longer loyal to their former captain.[4] Later, Caesar revealed that he abandoned the other members of the Brownbeard Pirates outside of the laboratory, exposing them to the fatal H2S gas.[5] However, after Caesar's downfall and torture, Brownbeard was permitted by Vice Admiral Smoker to free his crew from their petrification before they died, but must accept arrest afterwards, to which he complied.[6]


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