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Buggy the Star Clown is the captain of the Buggy Pirates[3] as well as the co-leader of the Buggy and Alvida Alliance[4], and a former apprentice of the Roger Pirates.[6] Shortly after the Summit War of Marineford, he became a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea[5] and the leader of the pirate dispatch organization "Buggy's Delivery".[2] He later lost his Warlord title when the Seven Warlords system dissolved.

He is the main antagonist of the Orange Town Arc and can be considered the secondary antagonist of the Loguetown Arc. He has since become a highly recurring character in the series. Buggy is also the central character from Buggy's Crew Adventure Chronicles Cover Page Serial. Despite his rivalry with Luffy, he temporarily became one of his main allies during the Impel Down and Marineford Arcs.

He is also the main antagonist in most episodes of "Boss Luffy Historical Special". He also serves as a help to Luffy in the 3D2Y special episode, and the movie One Piece: Stampede.


Buggy is a slim blue-haired man with an appearance resembling that of a clown, as to mirror his epithet. The big, red nose on his face is, in fact, his real nose.[13]

Buggy's face is always covered with make up, just like a clown, and the motifs change from time to time: in his first appearance he had crossbones going down his face forming an X; he also had two blue lines near both of his eyes, red lipstick and his jolly roger on his hat.[1] However, in later episodes after the Loguetown arc his look changes. First, a green star appears in the middle of the forehead, two half circles appear beneath the eyes, and there is a straight line on the middle of his chin.[14][15] After that (when his crew meets Ace), he has two green dots on both sides of his head and four big green dots on the rim of his hat, which still has the jolly roger on it. He also has green eyeliner and green lipstick, with a curvy line going down both sides of his face. In the Impel Down saga, he has crossbones again going down his forehead to below his eyes, two pink lines pointing up, and red lipstick.

In his pirate captain attire, he dons a striped white and red shirt with short sleeves, white gloves reminiscent of the ones worn by clowns, a sash around his waist like many other pirates, and a pair of loose pants reaching to his calves, just above a pair of striped socks and pointy shoes. He also has a scarf around his neck. Hanging from his shoulders there is an orange, fur-lined captain's coat. On his head he has an orange hat with his jolly roger on it, over a neckerchief with the same pattern of his shirt. While in the manga his scarf and sash are orange just like many other components of his attire, his pants are light-brown and the epaulets of his coat are simply gold, in the anime he was given a much more bright color scheme, with a purple scarf, green sash, light-green pants, and green epaulets.

In Impel Down, he wore a striped prisoner outfit and wore his hair in a ponytail. After escaping from the Grand Prison, he changed his prisoner uniform with clothes like the one he normally wears, with salvaged Marine uniform pieces to recreate the effects of a pirate captain: a white coat and a white tricorn that had the Marine symbols crossed out.

As a young man serving aboard Gol D. Roger's ship, he looked mostly the same; the only notable differences were his shorter hair and smaller stature. He wore a different outfit in each flashback but dressed similarly to how he does now, usually seen in striped T-shirts (or collared shirts), white gloves, baggy pants, pointed shoes, and donning a sash. He wore beanies rather than a captain's hat and he lacked the captain's coat.

It was revealed in an SBS question that the blue tassels coming from the sides of Buggy's hat are his actual hair in the shape of two ponytails. While in the confines of Impel Down, Buggy's long hair is tied into just one ponytail.

After the timeskip, Buggy's appearance has changed greatly. His hair is not tied anymore and now looks spikier. He wears a big red and white, stripped tricorn with a rim ornated with several golden little balls and his crew's Jolly Roger on the front. He wears a big, red cloak, using his Devil Fruit powers to make himself appear larger.[2]


In the Boss Luffy Historical Special episodes, he has long pink hair, a green ribbon in the front, and a white face with red and blue lines. He wears an orange kimono, with blue shoulder pads that have his Jolly Roger drawn, with two yellow lines crossed behind, and a blue and red ribbon at the waist. He also wears white gloves (different from the canon storyline), and sandals.

In the 3D2Y special, he dresses in a similar way to his appearance in Orange Town, with the difference of his shirt and sash are with the colors in Marineford, and the shoulder pads in his coat are gold.

In the video game One Piece: World Seeker, Buggy wears his hair in a ponytail, and sunglasses with star-shaped lenses. On his neck he wears a purple scarf and a gold collar, and he wears a green shirt with printed flowers, which he has unbuttoned, leaving his torso in sight, orange shorts with a red and white striped scarf at the waist, and sandals. He also wears his white gloves, and Captain John's armband on his wrist.

In One Piece: Stampede, in his "Star Clown" appearance he is wearing an orange and white captain coat on the shoulders, and a pink cravat. In his original appearance, he is shown with yellow hair, and a black hat with a Jolly Roger. He wears a white shirt, pants with pink and yellow vertical stripes, fastened by light blue suspenders, and an orange coat on the shoulders. He also wears brown shoes and socks with white and light blue stripes.


Main Series (Pre-Timeskip)

Buggy's Wanted Poster.png
Buggy's former wanted poster.
Buggy's Grave Photo.png
Buggy's photo used on his grave.
Buggy at Age 9.png
Buggy at age 9.
Young Buggy at the Roger Pirates.png
Buggy before the Edd War.
Buggy Roger Pirate Portrait.png
A close up of Buggy's face as Roger Pirates' apprentice.
Buggy at the Edd War.png
Buggy at age 12.
Buggy During a Battle of the Roger Pirates.png
Buggy's outfit during a battle of the Roger Pirates.
Buggy at Age 13.png
Buggy at age 13.
Buggy at Age 14.png
Buggy at age 14 (with the outfit in the manga).
Buggy at Age 14 in the Anime.png
Buggy at age 14 (with the outfit in the anime).
Buggy at Roger's farewell.png
Buggy's outfit when he says goodbye to Roger.
Buggy Roger Execution.png
Buggy at age 15.
Buggy Manga Color Scheme.png
Buggy's color scheme in the manga during the Orange Town Arc.
Buggy Loguetown Manga Color Scheme.png
Buggy's color scheme in the manga during the Loguetown Arc.
Chibi Buggy One Piece Green.png
Chibi Buggy's color scheme in One Piece Green: Secret Pieces.
Buggy in Chibi Form.png
Chibi Buggy in the anime.
Buggy Digitally Colored Manga.png
Buggy Pre Timeskip Portrait.png
A close up of Buggy's face during the Orange Town Arc and Buggy's Crew Adventure Chronicles.
Buggy Camouflaged in Loguetown.png
Buggy camouflaged during the Loguetown Arc.
Buggy's Loguetown Arc Makeup.png
A close up of Buggy's face during the Loguetown Arc.
Buggy's Jaya Arc Makeup.png
A close up of Buggy's face during the Jaya Arc.
Buggy Impel Down Outfit.PNG
Buggy's outfit during the Impel Down Arc.
Buggy Impel Down Prisoner Portrait.png
A close up of Buggy's face during the Impel Down Arc.
Buggy Marineford.png
Buggy's outfit during the Marineford Arc.

Main Series (Post-Timeskip)

Buggy's Current Wanted Poster.png
Buggy's wanted poster after the dissolution of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.
Buggy Zou Arc Color Scheme.png
Buggy's color scheme in the manga during the Zou Arc.
Buggy's Cloak.png
Buggy the Star Clown.
Buggy Portrait.png
A close up of Buggy after the timeskip.


Buggy Boss Luffy Special.png
Buggy 3D2Y.png
Buggy in the 3D2Y Special.
Buggy Turned Into a Cube.png
Buggy turned into a cube by Gairam's powers.
Buggy the Star Clown Full View.png
A full view of Buggy the Star Clown in One Piece: Stampede.
Buggy's Outfit in Stampede.png

Video Games

Buggy One Piece GBA.png
Grand Line Team Going Baseball.png
Buggy in the Grand Line Team in One Piece: Going Baseball.
Buggy Unlimited Cruise.png
Buggy Pirate Warriors.png
Buggy Pirate Warriors 2.png
Buggy Warriors 3.png
Buggy Impel Down Pirate Warriors 3.png
Buggy Marineford Pirate Warriors 3.png
One Piece Straw Wars Buggy.png
Buggy One Py Berry Match.png
Buggy Unlimited World Red.png
Buggy Super Grand Battle X.png
Buggy in Burning Blood.png
Buggy Burning Will.png
Buggy Shichibukai Thousand Storm.png
Buggy Thousand Storm.png
Buggy (Loguetown) in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Buggy Stampede Thousand Storm.png
Buggy Jumputi.png
Buggy in Jumputi Heroes.
Buggy in Bounty Rush.png
Buggy World Seeker.png


Buggy High School Omake.png
Buggy in the Red-Hair of Class 3 omake.
Bugiyama Family Time Omake.png
Bugiyama in the Family Time omake.


SBS Volume 4, Buggy's Hair.png
Explanation of Buggy's ponytails.
Buggy Anime Concept Art.png
Buggy's concept art from the anime with Marineford's clothes.
Buggy We Are!.png
Shot of Buggy in We Are!.
Buggy and Galdino One day.png
Portrait of Buggy and Galdino in One day.
Buggy's Joker Card.png
Buggy's Joker card in a Loguetown Arc filler scene.
Buggy by Boichi.png
Buggy's design by Boichi in the Roronoa Zoro Falls Into the Sea one-shot.
Log Impel Down Alt.png
Buggy's attire from One Piece Log Collection.
Buggy the "CHERRY BOMB".png
Buggy on the cover of the disc One Piece Nippon Judan! 47 Cruise CD.
Buggy Hungry Days.png
Buggy in the Hungry Days advertisement campaign.


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