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The Buggy and Alvida Alliance[1] is an alliance formed by the pirate bands known as the Buggy Pirates and the Alvida Pirates (although only its captain remained from them) and led by the captains Buggy and Alvida.

Although both crews were the first opponents to be defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates, the alliance has remained relevant in the story so far. Its last known goal is finding Captain John's legendary treasure. The alliance eventually evolved into the Pirate Dispatch Organization, Buggy's Delivery, after Buggy gained new fame and followers as a Warlord.[2]


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Buggy and Alvida Alliance
Buggy Alvida
Other Members
Mohji Richie Cabaji Galdino Tightrope Walking Funan Bros
Superhuman Domingos Acrobatic Fuwas Buggy Balls Attendant Kinoko Impel Down Breakout Convicts


After Buggy was sent blasting off by Luffy, he was eventually found by Alvida. Since both of them held a grudge against Luffy, they decided to join forces to take him down. They tracked him to Loguetown and nearly succeeded in beheading him, but Luffy miraculously escaped and the Alliance was taken down by Smoker and the Marines. They managed to escape and followed Luffy to the Grand Line.

The Buggy and Alvida Alliance was later seen searching for the treasure of Captain John, with little luck. Afterwards, they met up with Ace and threw a party with him.

Before the Impel Down Arc, Buggy was captured and thrown into Impel Down. His crew sailed after him, but accepted that the mission was impossible, and left him behind. Buggy, however, managed to break out with a crew of Impel Down inmates and reunited with his crew after the Summit War of Marineford.

Sometime after becoming a Shichibukai, the Buggy and Alvida Alliance evolved into the "Pirate Dispatch Organization" or "Buggy's Delivery", in which Buggy became the leader.[2] Because of this new status, Buggy's crew had their crimes pardoned and became an organization of mercenaries and set up base on the Karai Bari Island.

Recently their top warriors the New Giant Warrior Pirates, left the crew to join the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.


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