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The Burn Bazooka is a dial-powered bazooka.

Appearance and Design

The Burn Bazooka is a dark metal-gray with a handle in the middle section, and the trigger on the front half, and an ornate design plate. The back of the bazooka is a widened exhaust with another handle.[1]


The bazooka typically fires cannonballs, as with other bazookas. However, this one is also equipped with interchangeable dials for different effects. When equipped with a Breath Dial, it can fire a large blast of white-blue flames caused by the ignition of the bazooka and the gas released from the Dial within.[2]


  • Flame Bazooka (炎砲フレイム・バズーカ Fureimu Bazūka?, literally translated as "Flame Cannon"): A variation of the Burn Bazooka wielded by Conis, with less intricate design than Wyper's Burn Bazooka. She threatened to fire it point blank against a White Beret who tried to attack her.[3]


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