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The Bustercall Project is an official art project licensed by Shueisha. It contains a variety of artistic works about One Piece created by artists from around the globe.[4] The artists and art pieces are featured on an official Instagram page.[5]

The project has been organized into an art exhibition at three different venues. At the first two venues, ComplexCon Long Beach and Innersect Shanghai in 2019, the exhibition was called Bustercall Art Gallery.[1] For the third venue at Asobuild in 2020, it was renamed to Bustercall = One Piece Exhibition (BUSTERCALL=ONE PIECE展?).[3]


The project was initially presented as unofficial, with the organizers giving an anynonymous interview to KAI-YOU where they claimed that it was run by fan volunteers.[6] However, it was later revealed to be an official project planned by the editorial department of Weekly Shonen Jump. In an apology and explanation posted on the official Shonen Jump website, the team explained that they presented the project as unofficial in order to encourage artists to create art without constraints.[7]

Bustercall Project Promo.png
The event promo.
Bustercall Project List.png
A list of participants.


No.001: Origin of everything

"Origin of everything" is an animated video created by PERIMETRON. It shows a giant underwater tree that grows a Devil Fruit, which breaks off from it. Large sea creatures are seen staring at it before the video zooms into the fruit, showing a pirate ship sailing across the ocean. The ship is suddenly bisected by a swordsman on another ship, and the swordsman becomes engulfed in fire and ice as a gorilla strikes him; the gorilla is then hit away by a large blue and orange bird with blonde hair.[8]


"CYLINDRICAL CANDY" was created by Kenzo Hara. It is a minimalist graphics piece that shows cylindrical representations of the first nine Straw Hat Pirates.

No.003: untitled

"untitled" was created by Tomoko Sato. It is four fruits that are carved to resemble Devil Fruits.[9]

Bustercall untitled Devil Fruit 1.png
Bustercall untitled Devil Fruit 2.png
Bustercall untitled Devil Fruit 3.png
Bustercall untitled Devil Fruit 4.png

No.004: Roronoa Zoro

"Roronoa Zoro"

"Roronoa Zoro" was created by Takuya Kamioka. It is a drawing of Roronoa Zoro, with the character's name written in a graffiti style.[10]

No.005: Usopp Bigfoot

"Usopp Bigfoot"

"Usopp Bigfoot" was created by L2C. It is a figurine of Usopp's head on the large, furry body of the cryptid Bigfoot, which wears Usopp's default post-timeskip garb.[11]

No.006: Shinsekai Gyojin Mandara

Shinsekai Gyojin Mandara

"Shinsekai Gyojin Mandara" (新世界魚人曼荼羅? Meaning: "New World Fish-Man Mandala") was created by Kazuki Takakura. It is an animation modeled after a mandala, which in the real world is traditionally a geometric diagram used by several Indian religions to represent deities. This mandala depicts several fish-men and merfolk from Fish-Man Island, with Fisher Tiger representing sun god Dainichi Nyorai and Hatchan, Otohime, Jinbe, Arlong, and Hody Jones representing the heavens.[12]

No.007: Robin's sculpture

"Robin's sculpture"

"Robin's sculpture" was created by Naoya Hirata. It is an abstract sculpture with many effigies of arms and hands stretching all over it, and it also features a random assortment of sculpted trinkets.[13]

No.008: Tegami


"Tegami" (手紙? Meaning: "Letter") was created by Blue Aoi. It is a letter written as a result of Blue Aoi's admiration for One Piece, placed under the double spread of Senor Pink thinking about Russian as he is defeated by Franky.[14]

No.009: Shiri Kurai

"Shiri Kurai (尻喰らい? Meaning: "Ass Eater") was created by Taro Nikuguso. It is a drawing that depicts a stag with its jaws clamped over the buttocks of a naked, blue-faced man who is only wearing a straw hat.[15]

No.010: Dr. Anthony T. Chopper

"Dr. Anthony T. Chopper"

"Dr. Anthony T. Chopper" was created by Doktor A. It is a sculpture of Tony Tony Chopper reimagined as a Victorian-era robot.[16]



"BUGGY'S BAD TRIP" was created by Dirty Workers Studio Japan. It is a fake movie poster showing a man dressed up as Buggy in an abstractly-shaped room with multiple detached hands.[17]

No.012: Wolf


"Wolf" was created by Hikaru Cho. It is a photograph of Cho with her face and right arm painted. By bending her arm and holding it up to her face, Cho creates the illusion of having a wolf's muzzle.[18]

No.013: The Worst Generation - 9 -

"The Worst Generation - 9 -" was created by Shu Umezawa and his flower shop MUNSELL. It is a set of photographs that depict the nine members of the Worst Generation aside from Luffy and Zoro by using flowers and similar plants, placed with trinkets that relate to the subject.[19]

Bustercall Worst Generation Kid.png
Bustercall Worst Generation Law.png
Bustercall Worst Generation Drake.png
Bustercall Worst Generation Bonney.png
Bustercall Worst Generation Bege.png
Bustercall Worst Generation Urouge.png
Bustercall Worst Generation Apoo.png
Bustercall Worst Generation Hawkins.png
Bustercall Worst Generation Teach.png

No.014: Sailing Out

Sailing Out.

"Sailing Out" was created by Mark Conlan. It is an idyllic painting of a ship sailing on the water inside a silhouette of Luffy.[20]

No.015: Mugiwara no Ichimi Sotoba

"Mugiwara no Ichimi Sotoba".

"Mugiwara no Ichimi Sotoba" (麦わらの一味卒塔婆? Meaning: "The Straw Hat Crew's Stupa") was created by Give me ~! Tomotaka. It is a painting of the first nine Straw Hats on a Japanese Wooden Grave Tablet, which is known as a Stupa or Sotoba.[21]


This untitled piece was created by Hikaru Narita. It is a blurry painting that appears to show Luffy's head alongside Perona's Negative Hollows and some colorful animals.[22]

No.017: Dai tomoku -Big father-

"Dai tomoku -Big father-" (大頭目 -Big father-? Meaning: "Big eyes -Big father-") was created by Satoshi Miyashita. It is a clay sculpture of Capone Bege in his Big Father transformation.[23]

Bustercall Big Father.png
Bustercall Big Father 2.png

No.018: Coup De Burst Mementos

Coup De Burst Mementos.

"Coup de Burst Mementos" was created by David Porte Beckefeld. It is a painting of the Thousand Sunny blasting into the background with Coup de Burst, leaving a variety of objects in its wake that the artist included to represent objects and themes from One Piece. These objects include a Devil Fruit, straw hat, anchor, rope, bone, plank, flower, compass, and the figurehead of the Sunny.[24]

No.019: Shall We Dance?

"Shall We Dance?" was created by Yoko Yuki. It is an animated video that shows a flamingo popping onto the screen before transforming into Bentham, who dances for a few seconds.[25]

No.020: Gomu Gomu no Ono

"Gomu Gomu no Ono".

"Gomu Gomu no Ono" was created by Kris Andrew Small. It is a typography piece containing the title in both English and Japanese.[26]

No.021: Ko


"Ko" (? Meaning: "Navigation") was created by Calligrapher MAMI. It is a calligraphy piece of the kanji title.[27]

No.022: Straw Hat Pirates

"Straw Hat Pirates."

Straw Hat Pirates was created by Dante Zaballa. It is a digital painting of the Straw Hat Pirates filled with other abstract shapes and unrecognizable characters.[28]

No.023: Ope Ope no Mi Intersubjectivity

Ope Ope no Mi Intersubjectivity (オペオペの実 Intersubjectivity(間主観性)? Meaning: Ope Ope no Mi Intersubjectivity(Intersubjectivity)) was created by God Scorpion in Styly VR. It is a video that shows animals and nature getting cut up and reformed together in Room.[29]

Ope Ope no Mi Intersubjectivity
Art Direction God Scorpion
Engineer Jota Naka
Music 食品まつり a.k.a Foodman
3DCQ Programmer haquxx
Management Ryohei Watanabe, awai

No.024: THE ONE PIECE ~I will be the man of my dreams!~

THE ONE PIECE ~I will be the man of my dreams~.

THE ONE PIECE ~I will be the man of my dreams~ (THE ONE PIECE ~運命の人にわたしはなる!~? Meaning: THE ONE PIECE ~I will be the man of my dreams!~) was created by Mami Kurata. It is an illustration of Luffy and many notable female characters from the series (specifically, Nami, Robin, Nojiko, Alvida, Hancock, Tashigi, Hina, Conis, Camie, Perona, Shirahoshi, Vivi, Baby 5, Monet, Viola, Kalifa, Rebecca, Makino, Kaya, and Pudding). It is a reference to the American television program The Bachelor.[30]

No.025: Midnight Thousand Sunny

Midnight Thousand Sunny.

Midnight Thousand Sunny was created by Yukino Ohmura. It is a sticker painting of the Thousand Sunny on the sea at night.[31]

No.026: Plantation

Plantation was created by YAR. It is a looping animation of a metallic Gomu Gomu no Mi melting through the floor and reforming.

Art Direction Koji Wagatsuma
CG Yuki Watanabe



PUNK CHOPPER (PUNKなCHOPPER? Meaning: PUNK CHOPPER) was created by yuuki (CHAI). It is a Tony Tony Chopper-themed version of CHAI's PUNK album cover.[32]

No.028: Sunset Tashigi

Sunset Tashigi.

Sunset Tashigi was created by Vinne. It is an illustration of Tashigi with a "straps" design.[33]

No.029: The Battle of Rubber and Darkness

The Battle of Rubber and Darkness.

The Battle of Rubber and Darkness (闇とゴムの戦い? Meaning: The Battle of Rubber and Darkness) was created by Mikuru Asakura. It is a painting illustrating a fight between Luffy and Blackbeard.[34]

No.030: Binks' Sake (1.3 times faster) GANMI ver

Binks' Sake (1.3 times faster) GANMI ver (ビンクスの酒(1.3倍速) GANMI ver? Meaning: Binks' Sake (1.3 times faster) GANMI ver) was created by GANMI. It is a choreographed music video for Binks' Sake.[35]

No.031: eve

eve was created by This Man. It is an animated video of a pirate watching a video on a Den Den Mushi before being abducted by a UFO.[36]

No.032: The Tale of the Marine admiral

The Tale of the Marine admiral.

The Tale of the Marine admiral (海軍大将物語? Meaning:The Tale of the Marine admiral) was created by Keiji Yano. It is a movie-style poster of admirals Fujitora and Kizaru.[37]

No.033: HOPE

HOPE was created by KYOCO MORI and Aya Watada. Concept, casting, styling, and artwork were done by KYOCO MORI, and photography and direction was done by Aya Watada. It is a photograph series of children holding pieces of a painting, each piece symbolizing a member of the Straw Hat Pirates.[38]

No.034: Thriller Bark

Thriller Bark.

Thriller Bark was created by Kaiho, who did both the special effect makeup and art direction. It is a photo collage of Oars and a group of zombies on Thriller Bark.[39]

No.035: Zoroastrian Demon and Saint Luke's Buggy

Zoroastrian Demon (ゾロ魔身? Meaning:Zoroastrain Demon) and Saint Luke's Buggy (聖肖バギー? Meaning:Saint Luke's Buggy) were created by GUL. They are drawings of Zoro and Buggy.[40]

Bustercall Zoroastrian Demon.png
Zoroastrian Demon.
Bustercall Saint Luke's Buggy.png
Saint Luke's Buggy.



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