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CP9's Independent Report is the eleventh Cover Story created as a side story on the title pages of each One Piece chapter. The story is set after the events of the Enies Lobby Arc.


Surviving the annihilation of Enies Lobby through Blueno's Air Door, the members of Cipher Pol 9, with the exception of Spandam, are forced to travel on foot to St. Poplar, where they plan to treat Rob Lucci's wounds. They work for money on the street, with Kumadori performing, Jabra and Blueno showcasing an 'animal show', Kaku acting as a 'slide' in his giraffe form, and Kalifa cleaning the streets with her power.

With the money they gain from this, they admit Lucci to a hospital, where he remains unconscious for a few days, while the other agents spend their time shopping and sightseeing. After his recovery, CP9 goes to a bowling alley. There, a commotion outside alerts them of the invading Candy Pirates. They defeat the Candy Pirates with ease, as the townspeople look on in amazement. However, Lucci deals "excessive justice" to the crew's captain. They then prepare to leave the island, but before they can, a girl comes up to them and presents Kalifa with a beautiful flower as thanks for saving them.

CP9 returns to their homeland, where the future generation of Cipher Pol is being trained. The Marines, lead by Captain Very Good, show up to capture CP9, but they fiercely protect their home, quickly dispatching them. Spandam, in his intensive care unit, receives a Den-Den Mushi call from Lucci, who says that someday they will return for him - likely for revenge, since Spandam was the one who blamed CP9 for the failure of the mission and sent the Marines after them. They are on a hijacked boat with the body parts of Very Good left scattered behind. Panicked, Spandam and his father, Spandine, then plot the obliteration of CP9.

The agents of CP9 then leave their home island, sailing off into the distance with the flower of beauty and goodwill symbolically planted in the earth of their childhood home.

Chapter Titles

  1. Island of No Survivors (Chapter 491)
  2. Air Door (Chapter 492)
  3. Save Rob Lucci (Chapter 493)
  4. Forced Error! Pursuers from the World Government (Chapter 494)
  5. Trainrail of Escaping (Chapter 495)
  6. "Spring Queen Town St. Poplar" Without the Medical Fees (Chapter 496)
  7. Save Rob Lucci - Kumadori Performs to Earn Medical Fees (Chapter 497)
  8. Earning Medical Fees - Jabra & Blueno's Wild Animal Show (Chapter 498)
  9. Earning Medical Fees - The Giraffe Slide (Chapter 499)
  10. Earning Medical Fees - Cleaning the Streets (Chapter 500)
  11. "We'll Gladly Accept Your Soaked Cash" (Chapter 501)
  12. Shopping and Smoking (Chapter 502)
  13. Waiting for the Shoppers (Chapter 504)
  14. The Awakening (Chapter 505)
  15. Discharged From the Hospital (Chapter 506)
  16. Everybody Has Fun Bowling (Chapter 508)
  17. Ruckus in the Town (Chapter 509)
  18. The Candy Pirates Appear in St. Poplar Harbor (Chapter 510)
  19. Envoy of Justice (Chapter 511)
  20. Strength the Likes of Which Has Never Been Seen (Chapter 512)
  21. Excessive Justice (Chapter 513)
  22. We Cannot Remain in this Town (Chapter 514)
  23. Too Beautiful to Behold, a Flower of Thanks (Chapter 515)
  24. CP9 Departs from St. Poplar (Chapter 517)
  25. Homeland (Chapter 518)
  26. The Next Generation of Cipher Pol in Training (Chapter 519)
  27. Pursuers Arrive to Capture CP9 (Chapter 521)
  28. We Won't Let You Disturb Our Home (Chapter 522)
  29. Spandam in his Intensive Care Unit Receives a Den Den Mushi (Chapter 523)
  30. This is your Former Subordinate, Rob Lucci (Chapter 524)
  31. Someday We Shall Return (Chapter 525)
  32. Father and Son Plot the Obliteration of CP9 (Chapter 527)
  33. The Ship Sails Off Into Distance (Chapter 528)


Chapter 491.png
Island of No Survivors
Chapter 492.png
Air Door
Chapter 493.png
Save Rob Lucci
Chapter 494.png
Forced Error! Pursuers from the World Government
Chapter 495.png
Trainrail of Escaping
Chapter 496.png
"Spring Queen Town St. Poplar" Without the Medical Fees
Chapter 497.png
Save Rob Lucci - Kumadori Performs to Earn Medical Fees
Chapter 498.png
Earning Medical Fees - Jabra & Blueno's Wild Animal Show
Chapter 499.png
Earning Medical Fees - The Giraffe Slide
Chapter 500.png
Earning Medical Fees - Cleaning the Streets
Chapter 501.png
"We'll Gladly Accept Your Soaked Cash"
Chapter 502.png
Shopping and Smoking
Chapter 504.png
Waiting for the Shoppers
Chapter 505.png
The Awakening
Chapter 506.png
Discharged From the Hospital
Chapter 508.png
Everybody Has Fun Bowling
Chapter 509.png
Ruckus in the Town
Chapter 510.png
The Candy Pirates Appear in St. Poplar Harbor
Chapter 511.png
Envoy of Justice
Chapter 512.png
Strength the Likes of Which Has Never Been Seen
Chapter 513.png
Excessive Justice
Chapter 514.png
We Cannot Remain in this Town
Chapter 515.png
Too Beautiful to Behold, a Flower of Thanks
Chapter 517.png
CP9 Departs from St. Poplar
Chapter 518.png
Chapter 519.png
The Next Generation of Cipher Pol in Training
Chapter 521.png
Pursuers Arrive to Capture CP9
Chapter 522.png
We Won't Let You Disturb Our Home
Chapter 523.png
Spandam in his Intensive Care Unit Receives a Den Den Mushi
Chapter 524.png
This is your Former Subordinate, Rob Lucci
Chapter 525.png
Someday We Shall Return
Chapter 527.png
Father and Son Plot the Obliteration of CP9
Chapter 528.png
The Ship Sails Off Into Distance

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CP9's Independent Report
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