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Caesar Clown,[6] who was referred to as "Master" by his subordinates,[1] is a scientist, the leading expert on chemical weapons of mass destruction,[6] and one of the co-founders of NEO MADS.[2]

Caesar is a former colleague of Vegapunk, having worked with him both in MADS[6][14] and later the World Government research facility on Punk Hazard,[6][7] an island that Caesar went on to devastate with a toxic gas explosion,[15] earning him a bounty of Beli300,000,000.[12] Years later, Caesar returned to the island in secret to continue his illegal experiments[6] until his defeat at the hands of the Straw Hat Pirates and Trafalgar Law.[16]

One of his projects was the production of SAD, a chemical that he supplied to the Warlord Donquixote Doflamingo to be used in the manufacturing of SMILEs, artificial Devil Fruits which were sold to the Emperor Kaidou to help create an army of Zoans.[17] Although Caesar was briefly protected from the law by Doflamingo,[4] this protection was lost when Doflamingo was defeated and arrested.[5]

After a period as a hostage of the Straw Hat-Heart Pirate Alliance, he fell into the custody of Big Mom on Whole Cake Island.[18] There, Caesar was forced to continue his development of gigantification drugs[19] until he was liberated by the Fire Tank Pirates and forced to take part in an assassination attempt against Big Mom.[3] Following the plan's failure, Caesar finally parted ways with his former captors,[20] escaping with the Vinsmoke Family to the Germa Kingdom,[21] where he would establish NEO MADS with fellow ex-MADS member Vinsmoke Judge.[2]

Caesar is the main antagonist of the Punk Hazard Arc and the first main antagonist the Straw Hat Pirates face in the New World.


Caesar has a very gaseous look due to his Devil Fruit ability. He has very long, spiky, black hair, brown eyes (yellow in the anime), and two curly horns growing from the back of his head. He is rather tall (shown to be about the same height as Brook when standing next to him with his gas powers deactivated) and wears purple lipstick and dark makeup on his eyes. He has a small flat nose and long thin eyebrows. His arms are very thin in comparison with the rest of his body.[12]

Caesar wears a big light blue colored coat with "GAS" printed in pink on each side (in his first appearances this was not present). Under his coat, he wears a pair of diagonally-striped yellow overalls which are striped cross with orange lines. The overall is cut off right under his knees, exposing his hairy legs. He also wears dark purple gloves with the initials "CC" in white on them.[22] Due to his constant gaseous form, he seems to not use shoes, remaining barefoot, though only when his powers were disabled, his feet solidified with the rest of his body along with a simple pair of shoes.[23]

Four years before his debut, Caesar had shorter hair that was more rounded, and wore a polka dot patterned shirt beneath his coat.[15] Over two decades ago, Caesar had a bowl cut hairstyle.

During his third fight with Luffy, Luffy greatly damaged Caesar's face, which knocked some of his teeth out and bent his facial structure inwards, and seemingly breaking his nose.[17] As a result, his pronunciation became a bit hard to understand.

After absorbing the Shinokuni, Caesar's entire body structure changed to a darker gas color matching that of the gas, becoming as comparably large as a giant, with his hair growing completely wild and overly long. He also grows a coral-shaped crown behind his horns. The word in kanji "Land of Death" (死国?) is written on the front of his chest.[24] Upon his defeat, he returns to normal.[25]

When under the service of Capone Bege, he disguised himself by wearing a blue shirt with an aqua scarf and suspenders while donning a spiky hairstyle that covered his horns. While part of the Sanji Retrieval Team-Fire Tank Pirates Alliance, he wore a yellow suit.

In the anime, Caesar's skin tone is shown to be a pale white,[26] while in the manga it is shown as a more natural tone.[27]


Main Series[]

Caesar Clown's Manga Color Scheme
Caesar Clown's color scheme in the manga.
Caesar's MADS Appearance
Caesar during his time in MADS
Caesar At Age 33
Caesar Clown at age 33.
Caesar Clown at Age 51
Caesar Clown at age 51.
Caesar No Logia
Caesar Clown's human form, with his gas form disabled.
Caesar Clown's Dressrosa Disguise
Caesar Clown's disguise during the Dressrosa Arc.
Caesar Clown disguised as Cedar the pharmacist.
Gangster Gastino
Caesar Clown disguised as Gangster Gastino.
Gastino Without Jacket
Gastino without his jacket.
Caesar after merging with Shinokuni.

Video Games[]


Caesar Anime Concept Art
Caesar Clown's concept art from the anime.
Caesar Digitally Colored Manga
Caesar in the Digitally Colored Manga.
Log Caesar. Crown
Caesar Clown's attire from One Piece Log Collection.


Caesar Gloats About Candy

Caesar gloating about his use of drugged candy for scientific experiments on children.

A cruel, arrogant, scheming, sinister, and an overall very evil person, Caesar takes great delight in causing harm and destruction to anything and anybody around him. His psychopathic nature is displayed many times, such as when he set off a chemical weapon on Punk Hazard, killing or crippling most of its inhabitants and destroying its environment,[28] selling or creating weapons of mass destruction for similarly unscrupulous individuals such as Doflamingo,[28] performing sick experiments on children and drugging them with a lethal, addictive drug to ensure that they do not run away,[29] and trying to murder everyone on Punk Hazard (Trafalgar Law, the Straw Hats, Smoker's Marines, the children, and his own blindly following minions) so he could test out his new poisonous gas weapon-pet, Smiley—all of which he does without a shred of remorse or empathy for his potential victims.[30]

He also demonstrates tendencies of egomania when Luffy mentioned his Gasu Gasu no Mi had no effect on his immune system due to Magellan's Doku Doku no Mi, both being poisonous Devil Fruits of differentiating class, causing Caesar to become rapidly aggravated from the fact that Luffy compared his Logia powers to that of a "mere" Paramecia user. He was very surprised that his poisons did not affect Luffy due to the latter's immunity to poison given to him from his near-death poisoning by Magellan.[31] Caesar takes utmost pride in the biological weapons he created. Proud of the unexpected power of his Koro gas weapon, he was rather unhappy when the Straw Hat Pirates forced him to counter it to save the poisoned Mink Tribe.[32] He was extremely excited when the Fire Tank Pirates used his KX Launchers in their attempt to assassinate Big Mom and was frustrated when the Emperor easily destroyed his weapons simply by screaming.

He has shown to have maniacal tendencies due to his sedulous research on weapons of mass destruction and his absence of emotion at the time of murdering people or provoking any type of suffering such as giving drugs to the children so they would suffer severe withdrawal and return to his research facility for more "candies" filled with the stimulant, and showing no regret or sorrow for his actions.[33]

He is also very sadistic, as he exploited the blind trust of his wounded subordinates to test a newly developed gas and ordered the Yeti Cool Brothers to assassinate Brownbeard when he thought he was no use to him anymore: he further provoked a partially-paralyzed Brownbeard by revealing the truth about the gas explosion four years ago, in order to create an opportunity to have his subordinates shoot him down.[17] He also used the restricted drug NHC10 to maintain his control of the children he kidnapped, knowing that they will be unable to escape due to the agonizing withdrawal symptoms,[33] and that by his own calculations, they will die in five years after he started his experiments with them, which he deems a necessary sacrifice for his science.[29] Law found this aspect of Caesar disgusting.[34] Caesar also seems to enjoy cocktails, as he is often seen holding a cocktail glass.

He appears to have a grudge against Vegapunk,[15] as well as a cautious disposition, as shown when he hid from the Marines instead of trying to engage them immediately, as well as trusting Monet's deduction that the Straw Hats might be more powerful than their bounties claim, and waiting for Joker's approval to make his actions look like accidents, before starting attacks. Caesar is also a rather economizing person, as he did not want to waste the poison by clearing it off, but rather, collected, saved and compressed it into Smiley.[30]

He also appears to be able to act or lie on several occasions, often being seen feigning emotions when lying to his subordinates and to the children, a trait that was quickly noted by Monet when he attempted to show false concern for his subordinates facing Smiley.[30] However, with the blind trust of his subordinates and some crocodile tears, he was able to deceive them easily, leading them to believe that Vegapunk was responsible for the Punk Hazard explosion four years ago.[15] Caesar also is very ill-tempered and quick to anger when things do not go his way, such as yelling at his subordinates to let the gas come in to kill the intruders and his own men and again when Monet pointed out that Vergo would die and Caesar just yelled, unconcerned about his potential disloyalty. Upon losing the upper hand against Luffy during their last fight, Caesar lost his composure and ordered his subordinates to let in the Shinokuni gas, while outwardly exclaiming that they can easily be replaced. He then goes as far as personally killing the ones present simply to test out his newly acquired power, revealing his true colors in the process.[24]

Caesar Clown Blushes

Caesar blushes after Chopper praises his creation of SAD.

He is a very prideful person, going as far to say that his work four years ago on the weapon that caused the Punk Hazard incident was not a failure, but instead was a great success, implying a superiority complex. Due to his pride in his own work, he tends to blush when his work is praised, even by the enemy, but turned to indignity when that praise turned towards Vegapunk. He was also shocked to see Smiley not listening to him and eat the candy despite Caesar saying to wait and Caesar said it was alright while Monet noted he was not listening to him.[30] Despite his pride, Caesar is capable of knowing when a task is beyond his capabilities, as when Big Mom commissioned him to turn her family into giants, Caesar knew that the task was impossible despite his own view of himself. He also does not take kindly to insults, as when Law called him stupid, Caesar lashes out by punching Law's heart. Similarly, when Bege called him an idiot, Caesar angrily corrected Bege by saying he is a genius. Unlike most Logia users, Caesar keeps his Devil Fruit ability activated all the time and is either completely or partly turned into gas.

Caesar Clown's Fault Face

One of Caesar's many face faults.

Caesar has an odd habit of being easily shocked by things that leave him dumbfounded, often doing a comical face-fault, such as when Luffy survived his second Gastanet attack and appeared behind him unharmed. He did so again when Luffy was about to attack him from behind in their second fight together, which seems to be a running gag on his part.[35] Upon Luffy declaring that he does not want to see Caesar's face anymore out of anger, the scientist cried in fear right before he was sent flying by Luffy's Gear 3 attack.[24]

Caesar is also very cowardly when his life is threatened in any way. When he was about to lose to Luffy he attempted to beg the Straw Hat captain to spare him and even make him his subordinate. He also repeatedly begged Doflamingo to save him and even later begged the Straw Hats to protect him from Big Mom on more than one occasion.

Girls Ship Infobox

Caesar puts his own pleasure ahead of helping others.

While Caesar does at least attempt to fulfill commissions made by other people, he is not averse to giving up on them and will abuse his money and privileges on a hedonistic lifestyle of women and alcohol instead, especially if the projects given to him are proven to be too difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish (i.e. gigantification). He would even continue to lie to his investor in order to embezzle more money for such purposes. When he was under Doflamingo's protection, Caesar did not care about what he did to other people because he viewed himself as safe from them, even from that of an Emperor. Upon losing Doflamingo to the Marines, however, Caesar came to fear the consequences, especially since one of his clienteles is none other than Charlotte Linlin, one of the Four Emperors, and he became desperate with lies and thoughts of escaping, even admitting (to himself) that the given project was outright beyond his own limits (which he normally was so arrogant about).[36]

However, Caesar's prideful and arrogant attitude can at the very least be scratched, as he started crying in anger when Nami and Chopper referred to him as "human scum" and "the worst" during the operation to ruin Big Mom's Tea Party.[37]

He has a distinct laugh of "Shurororororo" (Shuhohoho in Viz media translation).




Since Monet and Caesar worked under the same leader, she was very close to Caesar and was not ignorant of Caesar's true nature.

However, it is revealed that Vergo assigned Monet to infiltrate Caesar Clown's organization on Punk Hazard, due to a mistrust for the deranged scientist.[38] Despite this, Monet agreed to give her heart to Law when Caesar ordered her to in exchange for Law's heart.[30] Monet took her assignment in protecting Caesar and his test subjects very seriously as she kept Luffy from capturing Caesar and hindered the Straw Hats and the G-5 Marines from taking the kidnapped children away.

Unknowingly, Caesar is responsible for killing Monet due to him stabbing her heart where he believed he stabbed Smoker's.


Caesar also had an association with Vergo due to the latter being a subordinate of Joker. Vergo and Joker's distrust towards Caesar led them to place Monet in Caesar's organization to monitor his actions.[38]

In return, Caesar seemed to place some trust in Vergo as demonstrated by him giving the Marine Law's heart, who was later able to use it to incapacitate Law when the Warlord of the Sea had begun to move against them, showing that despite the lack of trust on Vergo's behalf between them, Caesar would still cooperate with him. Caesar valued him as a strong shield, as Vergo was responsible for providing him with test subjects and kidnapping the children for Caesar to experiment on.

However, Caesar had no regard about Vergo, as when Caesar was about to eradicate the G-5 Marines together with Vergo, he said he does not care about Vergo, while calling him an idiot when Caesar was warned by Monet.[39]

Donquixote Doflamingo[]

Caesar is formerly an associate of Donquixote Doflamingo, who operated under the alias, "Joker". Caesar respected his authority as he had to ask him for permission to exterminate the Straw Hat Pirates and G-5 Marines.[12]

In turn, Doflamingo did not trust Caesar and ordered Vergo to place Monet as a deep cover agent to observe his activities.[38] Despite this, Doflamingo still valued Caesar for being the only scientist able to produce SAD, which would allow the former Warlord of the Sea to create the SMILEs in collaboration with the Emperor Kaidou. For this, Doflamingo threatened Monet with death if she let anything happen to Caesar and made it priority to retrieve Caesar upon his defeat.

Caesar Speaking Highly of Doflamingo

Caesar speaking highly of Doflamingo.

Though Caesar seemed to be unaware of Doflamingo's distrust of him, he knew his own value for the then-Warlord of the Sea, which made him delude himself into thinking that the protection granted to him makes him untouchable. To this end, Caesar spoke highly about Doflamingo, using his name and infamy and labeling him the most dangerous of the Seven Warlords of the Sea in an attempt to scare Luffy from hurting him, all of which ended in failure as the young pirate brutally defeated the scientist. Because Doflamingo did consider Caesar a valuable asset, he claimed to accept Law's demands to publicly resigned from the Seven Warlords of the Sea in order to ensure no harm comes to Caesar. In turn, Caesar was extremely grateful and even apologized to Doflamingo for supposedly being forced to resign from the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Upon revealing that Doflamingo falsified his resignation, Law tried to stop Caesar from being returned, but Doflamingo immediately declared the rogue scientist as his subordinate, thus turning him into a member of the Donquixote Pirates and releasing him from his status as a wanted criminal.[4] Unfortunately for them, when Doflamingo was defeated by Luffy and arrested by Admiral Issho for crimes that could not be ignored, Caesar lost not just his primary source to convert SAD to SMILE, but his diplomatic immunity was also void, rendering him a criminal once again.[5] Because Caesar thought highly of Doflamingo and his reputation, he never imagined Doflamingo would be defeated which made the mad scientist not fear the consequences that would follow the pirate's downfall which included confronting another Emperor, Big Mom.[36]

Baby 5 and Buffalo[]

Caesar knows Baby 5 and Buffalo, and seems to have enough faith in them, believing himself to be saved the moment he saw them battling in the air.[40] Baby 5 seems to know a few things about Caesar's research, as she knows that Caesar is not interested in human weapons. Despite his confidence in them, he decides to abandon them to return to Dressrosa alone after they are defeated, while deriding Buffalo for being unable to protect him.[23]


Caesar is responsible for the business Doflamingo has with Emperor Kaidou. It is due to Caesar's ability to create SMILES that Kaidou is able to make a Devil Fruit army of over 500 Zoan users. Caesar is aware of his importance in Kaidou's Zoan army, knowing he is the only one to use the SAD substance and that Kaidou will be very angry should anything happen to his SMILE production being halted. It is this very reason that Doflamingo places Caesar to the highest value.


Smiley is Caesar's pet. Caesar treats Smiley like a pet and seems to be emotionally attached to it. Caesar told Smiley that he missed it and even started to tear up while talking to him and wanted to tell him many things, even though it does not appear to be capable of understanding it.[30] He apparently does not consider the Smilies to be the real Smiley as he showed little reaction when they appeared during his battle with Luffy. It also seems like he only considers the sentience of the Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl to be his pet, as he had no problem to destroy Smiley's "body" and told him that they will meet again.[28]

While around other people, he talks about Smiley rather professionally, referring to him as a weapon.



Vegapunk Dismisses Caesar

Vegapunk tells Caesar that he is dismissed.

Caesar was Vegapunk's former colleague in MADS and used to have a rivalry with him, but Caesar was always considered second best, the main reason for him holding a grudge over the smartest man in the world. As all of Caesar's research and inventions include inhumane motives and illegal procedures, Vegapunk eventually dismissed him, which led Caesar to hate Vegapunk even more.[15] Caesar used his frustrations towards Vegapunk in order to manipulate his subordinates and paint himself as their benevolent savior and Vegapunk as a villainous madman, hiding the truth that he was the primary responsible for most of his subordinates' crippling conditions.

Despite this, he shows interest in Vegapunk's inventions, wanting to obtain the laser system developed by his former colleague through Franky.[41] His production of SAD is also a practical application on the Lineage Factor Vegapunk devised beforehand. Caesar is overall very sensitive about his creations being compared to Vegapunk's, being easily angered when others praise the latter instead of him, as Chopper did at one point.

In spite of his hatred for Vegapunk, Caesar cried for his death during the Egghead Arc, as it meant that he would no longer be able to surpass him.


Caesar has a deep grudge against the Marines. Even though he was arrested and imprisoned, he managed to escape. He also carries a bounty. When Caesar is informed about the G-5 Marines' arrival, he appears to be quite angered, and he smiles out of joy when Law gives him Smoker's heart. Later, he also mentions that he has a machination which involves Smoker and his G-5 subordinates. During his tenure under the organization's employment, Caesar's inhumane experiments already aroused much resentment from his colleagues, while Caesar claimed Sengoku was too soft for fearing his weapons of mass destruction, but believed Sakazuki would desire them.[15]

Upon realizing that Caesar is working directly under Doflamingo, a Warlord of the Sea, Admiral Fujitora pardoned all of Caesar's crimes, therefore they can no longer arrest him.[4] However, with Doflamingo's defeat and arrest, he has lost his protection and is a wanted criminal once more.

Straw Hat Pirates[]

After the Straw Hat Pirates stumbled upon Punk Hazard, Caesar wanted them eliminated at all costs as evident when he sent the Yeti Cool Brothers after them. Franky once struck Caesar's interest, as he wanted the laser system installed in the cyborg's body. After the Straw Hats learned of the sinister experiments that Caesar has been doing, they aimed to capture him with Law's assistance. Luffy and Chopper have gained a deep hatred towards Caesar's cruel treatment towards the children and his men and Chopper dismissed him as a scientist. Despite this, Chopper did heal Caesar's wounds and prohibited Sanji from hurting him further (though Chopper stated he was free to kick him after he was done healing him).

The Straw Hats protected him from the Big Mom Pirates due to him being a key instrument in Doflamingo's defeat, but after Doflamingo was defeated, Sanji had no problems with turning the scientist over after finding out what he did to Big Mom.[42] Sanji and Chopper got very angry at Caesar when he revealed that his weapon destroyed Zou.[43] Sanji has frequently ordered Caesar to assist them in various things, threatening to destroy the scientist's heart if he does not comply. Caesar frequently threatens them with retribution, but knows he is at their mercy as long as they possess his heart.[44] He was very angry when Sanji held him hostage to prevent Bege from going after his friends. Caesar was frustrated when Sanji nonchalantly gave his heart to the Fire Tank Pirates. When Caesar was forced into Bege's service, he met with the Straw Hats again, and Luffy immediately recognized him (through his disguise) and was angry at seeing Caesar once more. In return, Caesar got angry with Luffy for all the suffering he had been through, and they nearly came to blows but stopped after it was pointed out that they shared a common enemy, forcing them to put aside their differences.[45]

After escaping the Whole Cake Chateau, Caesar immediately left them when he was given his heart back, happy to finally get away from them. Nami, who is utterly contemptuous of Caesar's immoral treatment of children, expressed disappointment that Caesar's heart was not crushed.[20]

Tony Tony Chopper[]

Chopper Beats Up Caesar

Caesar getting beaten up by Chopper for his role in creating Koro.

Despite being an enemy, part of the Straw Hat crew, Caesar has traveled for a long time as their prisoner and creates a special bond with Chopper who looks after him. In fact, together with him he develops a particular relationship of collaboration, given that he has great medical and scientific knowledge, and aims to help him to enhance his Rumble Balls to use in future battles.[46]

That said, as a doctor, Chopper still does not see Caesar as a good person and is willing to beat him up for his role in developing highly deadly chemical weapons, such as the gas weapon that almost decimated the Mink Tribe.

Trafalgar D. Water Law[]

While they were partners, the two of them do not appear to be very open with each other. Caesar has always been cautious towards Law. When Law asked Caesar to allow him to stay on Punk Hazard, Caesar only agreed if Law weakened himself by giving him his heart. After learning about his association with Luffy, Caesar quickly thought Law betrayed him by calling the Straw Hats. He wanted to shoot Law at first, but then decided that Law probably was not responsible for the Straw Hats appearing on the island. He also seems to be unnerved by Law as he was trembling when he pointed a gun at him.

Law, on the other hand, finds some of Caesar's methods to be disgusting, especially his deeds to the children that he kidnapped.[34] Law later betrays Caesar by plotting to capture him with the Straw Hats. Caesar seems to be partially aware of this as he mentions that the Yeti Cool Brothers failed due to Luffy's and Law's strength.[38]

After Law's capture by Vergo, Caesar expressed his disappointment, stating that he was hoping that he and Law would become great friends, before he found out about his betrayal. After his capture, Caesar then mocked Law over his plan to take out the Smile production factory at Dressrosa, calling him and the Straw Hats idiots for opposing Doflamingo.

While being used by the Fire Tank Pirates, Caesar states that he will kill Law if given the chance.

Charlotte Linlin[]

Caesar was asked to do some research on gigantification for Big Mom in the past. However, due to the limitations and complexity of the process Caesar could not create any desirable results but took payment from her anyways. He repeatedly asked her for more money under the guise of needing extra funding for progress, only to spend the excess on fine alcohol and women. He was originally flippant about it due to being under Doflamingo's protection, but fears retribution from the Emperor after being captured.[42] Due to his fears towards Big Mom and not wanting to suffer her wrath, Caesar begged the Straw Hats not to let her crew capture him.[47] Upon capture, Caesar lied to Big Mom that Luffy and Law's attack on Punk Hazard wrecked his hard-achieved results and the proper facility to reproduce everything, only to be terrified to know that Big Mom has built an exact replica of the lab for him to recreate everything, and given him a fortnight to bring out the nonexistence fruits of his so-called success.[36] Caesar's extreme fear combined with a strong dislike of Big Mom was enough for him to temporarily let go of his grudge against Luffy and Bege if their alliance meant taking her down. When Bege and his crewmates fired the KX Launchers at Big Mom, Caesar showed great excitement, but when the KX Launcher was destroyed, Caesar lamented the plot's failure while cursing Big Mom.

Big Mom Pirates[]

When the Curly Hat group onboard the Thousand Sunny encountered the Big Mom Pirates (who were intent on taking out the Sunny's group and capturing Caesar) near Dressrosa, Caesar became terrified to see them and even begged the Straw Hats to protect him from them.[47]

On Zou, Caesar was very afraid of Bege and Pekoms since they both serve Big Mom, who he was trying to evade. When Caesar was captured by Bege and his crew, he was worried he would die if he was turned over to Big Mom, and even more so after Sanji told Bege to take him and leave.[48][18]

Caesar was later forced to work in the lab on Whole Cake Island as Charlotte Perospero tormented him by squeezing his heart and threatened to turn him into candy if he failed to complete his research on gigantification.[36]

After being recruited by Bege, Caesar participated in the alliance's plan to assassinate Big Mom and provided Bege the weapons that he would use in the operation. After retreating into Bege's fortress, the Big Mom Pirates surrounded Caesar and his allies with some promising to ensure that he does not leave the island alive.[49] When Bege returned to normal, the Big Mom Pirates opened fire on him as Caesar carried him away to safety, but Brûlée stood in his way. However, he was able to escape due to the collapse of the Whole Cake Chateau.[50][51]

Capone Bege[]

On Zou, Caesar was very afraid of Bege and Pekoms since they both serve Big Mom, who he was trying to evade. When Bege threatened to shoot Caesar down, the latter immediately surrendered and was enraged to find out Bege was bluffing before he was captured by Bege and his crew. As he sat, he was worried he would die if he was turned over to Big Mom, and even more so after Sanji told him to take him and leave.[48][18] He was later forced into serving Bege's crew when the latter came into possession of his heart. Although Caesar made his dislike of the arrangement clear, he is forced to cooperate with him as the latter plans to take down Big Mom.[3] During the meeting with the Straw Hats, Caesar was quick to remind Bege to release his heart and allow him to go free when his plan to kill Big Mom succeeds or else he would kill Bege's son.[52]

At the wedding ceremony, Bege threatened to crush Caesar's heart if he attempted to betray him, showing his mistrust in the latter.[53] After the assassination attempt on Big Mom failed, Bege used Caesar as a means to escape, despite the latter's protests.[51] After successfully escaping the Whole Cake Chateau, Bege gave Caesar his heart back and set him free.[20]



MADS Producing Weapons

Caesar at MADS, working with similarly immoral scientists.

During their time in MADS, Caesar, Judge and Queen, in spite of their similar goals of creating weapons and dangerous technology, were bitter rivals competing to be considered the second best scientist behind Vegapunk.[54] Their enmity for each other continued even after the group was disbanded.[55] In particular, Caesar disliked Judge's haughtiness in ordering others around,[49]

Regardless of their past relationship, both Caesar and Judge would go on to form an alliance and create NEO MADS, having found in Vegapunk an enemy in common.

Former Subordinates[]

Brownbeard and the other centaurs once thought of him as a kindhearted savior and trusted him blindly. Brownbeard was extremely grateful to Caesar for taking him in after he lost the use of his legs. He compared Vegapunk to the Devil and Caesar to God and believed that Caesar continues his research for the good of humankind.[12]

However, Caesar does not care about his subordinates, as he exploited their blind trust to test a new gas on some of his subordinates. After Brownbeard was captured by the Straw Hats, Caesar deemed him a useless idiot and ordered him to be killed. After Scotch played a recording of Caesar's orders, Brownbeard was crushed when he learned that the man he believed in so much had betrayed him. Before Scotch shot him, Brownbeard's last thought was when Caesar once called him a good leader, and upon reawakening, Brownbeard attempted revenge against Caesar in order to rescue his crew; Caesar, in turn, sadistically insulted Brownbeard, and secretly revealed to him the truth of the chemical weapon incident four years ago, which led Brownbeard to see Caesar as the devil.[17] Even when his subordinates offered to help him during his battle against Luffy, Caesar refused while calling them small-fries.[31]

His cruelty goes as far as to telling his subordinates to take off their protective suits under the lie that it would not protect them from the H2S gas released by Smiley and that it would only weigh them down, in order to fully expose them to the lethal poison as a worldwide demonstration, while secretly sabotaging their escape sled.[30] Upon losing to Luffy and getting desperate, Caesar forgoes all lies and manipulation, and outright ordered his subordinates to release the Shinokuni gas into the building while expressing that they are trash that are easily replaceable; though shocked at first, the subordinates swiftly deluded themselves into thinking that Caesar was putting up a ruse to get at Luffy, and did as ordered, only to see, to their horror, Caesar would turn his gas weapon on them as a testament of his new powers.[24]

Caesar seems to recognize the Yeti Cool Brothers' strength as he ordered them to eliminate the Straw Hats. The Yeti Cool Brothers were loyal to Caesar, as they followed his orders without question. Despite their value, Caesar was not too upset about their defeat and even excused their failure by saying that fighting against Law and Luffy was too much.[38]

Kidnapped Children[]

Caesar has several kidnapped children he had sent to Punk Hazard via Vergo and manipulates them all into thinking he's experimenting on them to save the world and how he "lost" a son of his to convince them. The children all have a high respect for Caesar and decided to stay for his work.

However, in truth, Caesar is using them as guinea pigs and has no remorse in them going to die within five years, stating it is a necessary sacrifice for humankind. Mocha was distraught from when Chopper told her of his betrayal and how he was never planning to let her, or the others go home and Momonosuke (who was too proud to accept Caesar's feigned hospitality to begin with) became enraged at the scientist for using the children's feelings against them.

Abilities and Powers[]

Caesar has authority over all the former test subjects on the island as he saved them from the gas, and he uses their blind-trust to manipulate them. However, after Caesar revealed that he does not care about his subordinates, he lost their faith.[24]

Caesar is also shown to be highly crafty and cunning, easily facilitating an escape from a Marine battleship escort after he was arrested and then returning to Punk Hazard, as well as ensuring that his affiliate Trafalgar Law would not renege on their partnership by having him use his own "Ope Ope no Mi" to remove his heart and place it in Caesar's safekeeping in exchange for allowing him to stay on Punk Hazard (while also demonstrating an act of goodwill by allowing Law to take the heart of Caesar's secretary Monet himself). This reveals the level of caution Caesar has around other individuals of comparable or greater power than himself.[30] He is also very aware of the consequences of murdering Vice-Admiral Smoker and his G-5 Marines on site. He also was able to escape when he was captured and kept himself hidden for a long while. He also purposely enraged a partially paralyzed Brownbeard in order to prevent the subordinates present from suspecting him, and have them shoot down Brownbeard without being the wiser.[17]

Despite Caesar's cowardly behavior, he has a strong will being able to withstand a burst of Big Mom's Haoshoku Haki.[56]

Physical Abilities[]

In direct combat, Caesar has also proven to be a fairly powerful fighter, using his Devil Fruit abilities to quickly maneuver out of dangerous situations and being durable enough to take several Haki-imbued Gear 2 strikes from Luffy, only to emerge relatively unharmed.[31] His durability extends to being seemingly unfazed by either the boiling hot or the sub-zero temperatures which compose the "Burning Lands" and the "Ice Lands" zones on Punk Hazard respectively. He withstood a blow from Luffy that left a big dent in his face and still retained consciousness. He is also very stealthy, being able to administer a muscle relaxant to Brownbeard without the latter noticing. Caesar is also physically strong, able to easily carry around a large and tall mirror which the Straw Hats and the Fire Tank Pirates would use to escape. Caesar also assured his confidence in carrying Brûlée, who is a very tall woman while bringing along the mirror.

Scientific Expertise[]

Caesar is a skilled scientist and chemist who particularly specializes in creating dangerous biological and chemical weapons that the Marine's Science Division, including Vegapunk, greatly feared. One of his experimental weapons had rendered Punk Hazard a barren wasteland.

Derived from his scientific expertise, he invented massively destructive weapons, the most prominent one being a pet slime named Smiley, a mountain-sized toxic blob monster that constantly emits some kind of smoke or vapor and has been "fed" the Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl (which gave the once inanimate blob life and form), which Caesar would unleash when trespassers become too much of a threat. He can control Smiley by using verbal commands, demonstrated when he ordered the Smilies to attach themselves to Luffy, and they obeyed.[31]

Caesar is also the only person who knows how to produce a substance called SAD, a rare and valuable substance that is an essential ingredient for the creation of Artificial Zoan Devil Fruits called SMILEs.[57] Because of this, Doflamingo values Caesar's work greatly, as he apparently employs the scientist's expertise to cater the military expansion demands of one of the Four Emperors. However, his SMILE Artificial Devil Fruits are extremely unstable as they only have a ten percent chance of success in granting Zoan Devil Fruit enhancements while most people who consume the SMILE will not receive a power, and on top of losing the ability to swim, they become unable to express negative emotions and they are forced to smile and laugh all of the time.

Caesar was even able to turn normal humans into giants, a feat that even Vegapunk could not accomplish, though Caesar resorted to illegal and inhumane methods that Vegapunk considered unacceptable (by kidnapping children to use as test subjects to take advantage of their natural growth factor and forcing vast amounts of dangerous drugs down their systems), and the fact that the children used would expire within five years from the continuous experiments,[29] which led the Marines to refuse to acknowledge him to be superior to the head scientist.[15] He also uses the highly restricted drug NHC10, though his authorization on its usage is illegal, as he is a criminal, and he used it as for its addictive means instead of medicinal purposes. He is also in the possession of another unnamed drug that relaxes the recipient's muscles, making it impossible, or at least extremely difficult, for the person to talk or stand.[17]

All this earned him recognition as the world's leading expert on mass murdering weapons for biological warfare. His expertise in creating and designing weapons for biological warfare is so great that Capone Bege recruited him in his plot to assassinate Big Mom. Caesar was able to create the KX Launcher, a weapon with poison strong enough that could potentially kill an Emperor, and managed to prepare three for the Fire Tank Pirates to use within a fairly short period of time.[58]

Additionally, Caesar helped Chopper develop an enhanced Rumble Ball that extends his Monster Point by thirty minutes.[46]

Devil Fruit[]

Further information: Gasu Gasu no Mi

Caesar's body merged with a large amount of toxic gas.

Caesar ate the Gasu Gasu no Mi,[12] a Logia-type Devil Fruit[13] that grants him the ability to create, control, and transform his body into various chemical gases. He can create gases that are extremely poisonous and/or highly combustible.[31] He can also remove oxygen in a certain area around himself to nullify fire-based attacks or asphyxiate his opponents.[59] Caesar has performed numerous experiments with his power[31] and he seems to prefer keeping his Devil Fruit ability active, as he is always either completely or partly gaseous.

Caesar can absorb other gases, causing him to greatly grow in size, as well as take on the properties of said gas. For example, when he absorbed a cloud of Shinokuni, he gained its petrification properties, allowing him to petrify anyone he touches.[24]

When he is in his gaseous form, he is able to fly and enter places that no normal solid being can. He was seen demonstrating this ability when hiding inside some beakers when he was informed that the Marines were nearby.[60] Even in his intangible gaseous form, he can become dense enough to hold objects, like his cocktail glass. It is unknown if this is because he can control the density of his gaseous form.

He can generate a destructive gas beam that can incinerate metal and even the fearsome Fighting Fish while on the way to Green Bit.


He was seen using a dual-barreled flintlock to threaten Law when he learned of his past associations with Luffy. He was also shown using various weapons in conjunction with his Devil Fruit abilities; like explosive red and blue castanets filled with volatile gas called "Gastanets" which he claps together to create a massive explosion,[31] using matches to ignite a gas he calls "Miok Gas" to cause an explosion in the immediate area, and a sword hilt, bearing some similarity to a Bunsen burner, that he concentrates oxygen in to use a technique called "Blue Sword".[35] He also used a syringe to inject a muscle relaxant into Brownbeard stealthily to prevent his subordinates' trust from being compromised. In One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, he throws out large pieces of candy that cause random status effects on enemies during one of his combos.

Caesar's Flintlock
Caesar's flintlock.
Caesar's "gastanets".
Blue Sword
Caesar's "Blue Sword".

Major Battles[]

Translation and Dub Issues[]

In Chapter 663, his name is spelled as "Caesar Clown" which takes the place of the hiragana, as seen in Smoker's monologue. However, in the volumes' character introduction, it is spelled as "Caesar Crown".


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Caesar Live Attraction

Caesar in Live Attraction: Marionette.


  • Caesar seems to have a king theme, as:
    • Caesar was the title for the Roman emperors, derived from the cognomen of Julius Caesar.
    • Clown can be romanized both as "Clown" and "Crown."
    • He is the self-proclaimed "King of Shinokuni" (Land of Death).
    • In his Shinokuni form, he obtains a crown.
    • Him being captured by Law and Luffy mirrors what happened to the real-life Julius Caesar, as they both were held for ransom and the pirates' negotiations did not go as planned.
  • He also shares his name with real-life pirates Black Caesar and Henri Caesar.
  • Like Magellan, Caesar's sinister face, wild hair and horns make him resemble a stereotypical image of a demon; particularly Baphomet, a pagan deity-turned-devil most commonly depicted as a humanoid goat.
  • In his first appearances, his coat did not show "GAS" written twice on the front as it does from Chapter 666 on.
  • Caesar's voice actor, Ryūsei Nakao, also voiced Strong World antagonist Indigo, who like Caesar uses gas and chemical-based attacks.
    • He also voiced Mayuri Kurotsuchi from Bleach anime who is also an evil scientist.
  • Caesar is the first antagonist to have his own signature soundtrack in the anime, called "Master's Laughter" (Mの冷笑?).
  • In the 5th and 6th fan polls of most popular characters, Caesar was ranked 37th and 54th, respectively.
  • Caesar may be based in part off of the infamous Josef Mengele, a member of a team of doctors who conducted deadly and inhumane experiments on prisoners of Auschwitz in Nazi Germany. Mengele created a kindergarten and play area for his child test subjects and treated them far better than others in the camp, providing better food and living conditions. He gave the children sweets and referred to them kindly yet was known for his sadistic tendencies and complete lack of empathy towards all test subjects.
  • Caesar's favorite foods are glucose and gazpacho. The latter is a pun relating to his gas abilities since gazpacho is written as gasupacho in Japanese.[7]
  • Caesar was apparently designed after a Pierrot doll, which might be the origin of the "Clown" part of his full name.[7]
  • Caesar's age was initially listed as 40 in Vivre Card databook,[7] but was later revised to 55.[10]
  • Caesar's birthday, April 9, comes from one of his techniques, 'Land of Death' (シノクニ, Shinokuni?) since 4-9 can be derived from shi-ku.[11]


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