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Caimanlady[2] is a Gifter in the Beasts Pirates, being part of the surveillance division called the "Marys".[1][3]


Caimanlady is a young woman with long dark hair.[1] She wears a leaf-patterned kimono loosely with her shoulders exposed, and an obi around her waist. In front of her face she wears the Marys' mask with an eye symbol.[2]


Not much is known about Caimanlady's personality, but she seemed to be loyal to Black Maria and her fellow Beasts Pirates.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As a Mary, Caimanlady is equipped with a strange eye-marked paper mask that gives her the ability to remotely observe locations, communicate and broadcast other people's voices through other Marys.[4] This allows her to act in surveillance, detecting and keeping track of an enemy's position from afar.[3]

Devil Fruit

Caimanlady's SMILE.

Caimanlady ate an unnamed SMILE fruit which allows her to grow a full caiman from her legs. Notably, the caiman faces in the opposite direction as Caimanlady, meaning it must walk backwards to move her forward.[2]


Wano Country Arc

Caimanlady was with Black Maria after they captured Sanji and was waiting for him to call Nico Robin per her superior's request.[1] She then witnessed Sanji receiving a beating from Black Maria, until he decided to call his crewmate using Caimanlady's connection to the Marys system.[2][4]


  • Caimans are a type of reptile in the same family as alligators.


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