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For the species of animal, see Yasa Camel.

Camel is Kuzan's super penguin.[2]


Camel is mostly dark blue with a white lining around its face. It has a white front bordered with spotted dark blue markings, a dark blue lining, then a white lining. It has a long, narrow beak that points downward at the tip. Its beak is mostly pink with a yellow rim closest to it face. Camel is fairly large, being several times the size of its master, as Kuzan is able to lie on its head and sleep comfortably while it is swimming upright or treading water.

It is seen wearing an extremely large knapsack on its back that, given its size, likely holds all the possessions of Kuzan's that do not fit in his own.


Camel's Face.png
A closeup of Camel's face.
Camel Full Body.png
Camel's full body.


Not much is known about its personality, but Camel has been shown to sleep a lot, indicating that it is a lazy super penguin. This is further proven by the fact that Kuzan and Camel are very compatible.[2] According to an SBS, Camel doesn't like to be called cute.

Abilities and Powers

As a super penguin, Camel is good at treading water.[2] It is also shown to have some skills in cooking, able to cook barbecue by itself.[3]


During the Timeskip

Sometime after Kuzan resigned from the Marines, Camel became his companion.[2]

Punk Hazard Arc

Camel was shown in the middle of the ocean with Kuzan, as he woke up and remembered that he was heading to Punk Hazard.[1] After Kuzan's confrontation with Donquixote Doflamingo, Camel was seen sleeping nearby.[4]

From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc

Camel was cooking barbecue while Kuzan was reading a newspaper.[3]


  • Camel's name most likely comes from the brand of cigarettes Yusaku Matsuda's character smokes in Detective Story (探偵物語 Tantei Monogatari?), the actor who Kuzan is heavily modelled on.


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