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The Candy Factory is a new addition to Fish-Man Island. It was created after the death of Whitebeard and loss of his protection over the island.

It was built to appease the island's new protector, Yonko Big Mom. It produces large quantities of confectioneries for her. In order for Fish-Man Island to remain protected by Big Mom, ten tons of must be paid to her every month.[1] The confectioneries is apparently so delicious that Luffy even thinks it puts meat to shame.[2] It is located in Candy Factory Town (おかし工場の町 Okashi Kōjō no Machi?) on the northwest side of Fish-Man Island. The town itself technically appeared in the same chapter as the factory, but was not named until in Chapter 620.[3] The factory consists of multiple buildings, but it is unknown if it makes up the whole town. Each building is ovular, with four pillars built into it for support. The overall base resembles that of a coliseum. On top of the base, there is a dome with a spire protruding at the top. There are several smoke stacks coming out of the base. The end of each smoke stack resembles a barrel. The top of the spire also resembles a barrel. Big Mom's jolly roger is advertised on the side of it.

As for the candy manufactured, they appear to be quite huge. Large enough to be tucked into a person's arm. It was stated that the factory uses sophisticated machines of corresponding size to produce the sweets. They are of so high quality that one of the Yonko, Big Mom, eagerly awaits them every month.

During the New Fish-Man Pirates' rebellion, Daruma chewed through the wall of one of the buildings to satisfy his aching teeth, leaving wavy lines to show where he bit.[4] Daruma's chewing ultimately resulted in the collapse of one of the buildings. The Minister of the Left claimed that it would take two weeks to repair, and cannot make it in time for their monthly tribute.[5]


Fish-Man Island Candy Factory Buildings
Candy Factory buildings.
Big Mom Pirates' Jolly Roger on Fish-Man Island Candy Factory
Big Mom Pirates building logo.
Damaged Fish-Man Island Candy Factory
Damaged factory tower.


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