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Captain Seven is a hidden character in One Piece: Stampede.[1] He is a tie-in character for the convenience store chain 7-Eleven.[3]


Captain Seven is an average-sized man with brown hair and a long chin. The colors of his clothes are modeled after the colors of 7-Eleven, with him wearing a red striped top with the number 7 on it and yellow straps over his shoulders, and a green bandana. He also wears black pants, a white belt around his waist which holds his gun, and a bandage on his right wrist.[1]


Captain Seven Wanted Poster.png
Captain Seven's wanted poster.
Captain Seven Concept Art.png
Captain Seven's concept art.


Seven is an enthusiastic person, excited by the events of the Pirates Festival. He is also daring, as he charged a well-known vice admiral without hesitation. His confidence is not blind, given that he recognized the overwhelming strength of Douglas Bullet and fled from the pirate.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Seven was easily swept away by Smoker's Devil Fruit abilities.[1]


Seven owns a pistol, but he has not been seen using it.[1]


One Piece: Stampede

Seven stood in the audience of the Pirates Festival and watched the live broadcast as the participants traveled up the Knock Up Stream. He continued watched as the participants fought on the floating island and clenched his fist in excitement at the action.

When the Kuja Pirates arrived at Delta Island, Seven, Mohji, Cabaji, and members of Barto Club were awestruck with her beauty. Seven moved inland and began fighting the Marines with other attendees, but when he, Desan, and Croquis charged Smoker, the vice admiral easily swept them away with his abilities. Seven escaped from Smoker, but after Bullet transformed in a giant golem, Seven and members of the Fisher's Pirates ran away from him as he punched the ground with Ultimate Faust.

When Luffy and his allies defeated Bullet, Seven celebrated, hugging and dancing with Pandaman. After the members of the Worst Generation escaped from Delta Island, Seven and Donald Moderate were among many pirates arrested by the Marines.[1]

Major Battles


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