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Caramel is a kind, helpful woman, offering [[Foods and Beverages/Beverages#Ramune|carbonated water]] to [[Monkey D. Luffy|Luffy]] after he ran out of [[Foods and Beverages/Beverages#Cora|cola]]. She also watches out for strangers, as she warned him about the dangers of the [[Cidre Guild]].{{Qref|name=e895}}
Caramel is a kind, helpful woman, offering [[Foods and Beverages/Beverages#Ramune|ramune]] to [[Monkey D. Luffy|Luffy]] after he ran out of [[Foods and Beverages/Beverages#Cora|cola]]. She also watches out for strangers, as she warned him about the dangers of the [[Cidre Guild]].{{Qref|name=e895}}

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For Charlotte Pudding's cafe of the same name, see Caramel.

Caramel is a ramune saleswoman who appears in the filler Carbonic Acid King Arc.[2]


Caramel is a small, older-looking woman with short teal hair worn to her right. Most of her body is shrouded by a white hooded cloak. She wears a pink turtleneck shirt and pink pants. She is sometimes seen carrying a cooler-shaped container on her back.[2]


Caramel is a kind, helpful woman, offering ramune to Luffy after he ran out of cola. She also watches out for strangers, as she warned him about the dangers of the Cidre Guild.[1]



Caramel and her Family

Caramel and her family.

Members of Caramel's family were taken from her when the Cidre Guild came to their island. She missed them dearly and warned Luffy to be wary of the Guild because of it.[1] After being reunited, she was happy enough to cry and embraced them.[3]

Abilities and Powers

Caramel's Hippo

Caramel and her hippo, carrying her ramune.

Caramel rides a large, pink hippo that carries her ramune for her. The hippo resembles those used by the Cidre Guild, but it is unknown if this is a subspecies or a genetic variation. Caramel herself is also strong enough to carry a large case of ramune on her back, despite her small size.[1]



When Cidre, Guarana and Ginger came to Caramel's island, members of Caramel's family were taken away from her and forced to work for the Cidre Guild.[3]

Carbonic Acid King Arc

Caramel Shows Luffy the Cidre Guild Factory

Caramel points Luffy in the direction of the Cidre Guild's factory.

While Luffy was relaxing in the hot spring slopes, he was approached by Caramel, who tried to sell him ramune. Luffy declined and asked where could he get cola, to which she pointed him toward the factory used as the Cidre Guild's base. She then warned him that the men that were taken to the factory hadn't returned, and to be wary of the Guild.[1]

Caramel Reunites with her Family

Caramel and her family are reunited.

Later, after Luffy defeated Cidre, Caramel was reunited with her family as she shed tears of joy.[3]


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