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Carbonation Equipment is type of weaponry that was used by the Cidre Guild.


Carbonation Equipment is a form of technology that is powered by carbonated water. It was invented and mass produced on an island where carbonated water was abundant. Most forms of it involve weapons that blast water at their targets or as jetpacks to enable flight.

The Cidre Guild utilizes Carbonation Equipment in their quest to capture pirates and other criminals. According to Cidre, the equipment is especially useful against Devil Fruit users due to their weakness to water.


  • The Cidre Guild main army's equipment consisted of carbonated hand cannons and two large barrels from the back. The carbonated hand cannons are use to blast carbonated water at the opponents and the two large barrels serve as jetpacks for flying abilities.
    • While out at sea, the officers and subordinates utilize platforms shaped like UFOs and are propelled by carbonated water.
    • Some of the members, Ginger included, ride on hippo mounts with barrels of carbonated water strapped to their sides while patrolling their island base.
  • Both Ginger and Guarana used Fizzy Torpedoes, which are torpedoes that are shot from devices on their hands and travel underwater to destroy ships and are filled with carbonated water. They are first used against the Thousand Sunny to capture the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • Ginger's equipment consisted of two gauntlets on his wrists and two cannons connected to two large barrels on his back. The cannons are used to blast powerful streams of carbonated water, and has a special multicolored variant called Super Strong Tornado Soda, and the two barrels also serves as jetpacks for flying abilities.
    • The gauntlets can emit a deadly gas called Deluxe CO2 Gas.
  • Guarana's equipment consisted of two hoses with guards that are connected to the two large barrels on her back. The hoses are used to create a stream of carbonated water called the Carbonated Stream Sword with added pressure to cut through anything, and the two barrels serves as jetpacks for flying abilities.
  • Cidre's equipment consisted of two gauntlets on his wrists which increases the force of his punches, and also two large barrels on his back to serves as jetpacks for flying abilities.
    • Cidre's final equipment consists of two barrel-filled gauntlets and two metal hoops connected to the four large barrels on his back. The gauntlets are able to spin at a rapid speed like a drill to greatly increase the force of his punches than before, but the drawback is that he needs to constantly refill the two barrels, which he can do instantly by simply punching barrels. The metal hoops around his ankles and the four large barrels serve for flying and this also helps him to increase the force of his punches even further.

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