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Carnival Tricks is Cabaji's fighting style. The style centers around acrobatics, circus props and dirty fighting.


Using Carnival Tricks, Cabaji combines swordplay and acrobatics, mostly on a unicycle, to fight his enemies. He has also shown skills with sword swallowing. Most of his attacks have names based on circus acts. Cabaji uses this technique to fight dirty and take advantage of weakened foes, striking a wounded opponent without a second thought.[1]


  • Kyokugi! Kaji Oyaji (曲技! 火事おやじ, Kyokugi! Kaji Oyaji?, literally meaning "Acrobatics! Old Man's Flame"): Using an unknown method, Cabaji breathes fire from his mouth directly into the opponent's face. This was first used against Roronoa Zoro when they fought.[1] This attack is called The Breath of Death in the VIZ manga, Blazing Breath in the 4Kids dub, and Arsonist Technique in the Funimation dub.
  • Kyokugi! Yukemuri Satsujin Jiken (曲技! 湯けむり殺人事件, Kyokugi! Yukemuri Satsujin Jiken?, literally meaning "Acrobatics! Murder Case in the Hot Spring's Steam"): By spinning his sword around quickly on the ground, a cloud of dust is formed. Cabaji then pulls a "sneak attack" on the opponent.[1] This is called Murder at the Steambath in the VIZ manga and Funimation dub and Extreme Wrath at the Steambath in the 4Kids dub.
Kyokugi! Kamikaze Hyakkoma Gekijo

Kyokugi! Kamikaze Hyakkoma Gekijō.

  • Kyokugi! Kamikaze Hyakkoma Gekijo (曲技! カミカゼ百コマ劇場, Kyokugi! Kamikaze Hyakkoma Gekijō?, literally meaning "Acrobatics! Theater of One Hundred Kamikaze Tops"): Cabaji releases hundreds of tops at his opponent, used as a distraction and later they have explosives put in them.[2] This is called Dance of 100 Kamikaze Tops in the VIZ manga and Funimation dub and Dance of 100 Tumultous Tops in the 4Kids dub.
  • Kyokugi! Yama Noboro (曲技! 山登ろー, Kyokugi! Yama Noborō?, literally meaning "Acrobatics! Climbing the Mountain"): Cabaji rides his unicycle straight up a wall.[2] This is called A Hike in the Mountains in the English versions.
    • Kyokugi! Noryo Uchiage Hanabi (曲技! 納涼打ち上げ花火, Kyokugi! Nōryō Uchiage Hanabi?, literally meaning "Acrobatics! Cool Evening Firework Launch"): After performing Acrobatics! Let's Climb a Mountain, Cabaji leaps off of the top of the wall, high into the air.[2] In the English versions, this is called Fireworks in the Cool Summer Breeze. Usually followed by Wheel Stab.
      • Ichirin Zashi (一輪刺し, Ichirin Zashi?, literally meaning "Wheel Stab"): Cabaji rapidly descends down from the air with his sword positioned to stab his opponent. Usually Buggy uses his Bara Bara Hou to keep targets still while Cabaji is coming down.[2] In the English versions, this attack is called Sting of the Unicycle. Used after Circus Trick: Fireworks in the Cool Summer Breeze.

Non-Canon Techniques[]

  • Kyokugi! Sotennenshoku Carnival (曲技! 総天然色カーニバル, Kyokugi! Sōtennenshoku Kānibaru?, literally meaning "Acrobatics! All Natural Color Carnival"): A projectile attack, waves of several colors shoot from his sword.[citation needed] This is called Carnival of Colors in the 4Kids and Funimation dubs.
  • Kyokugi! Saramawashi (曲技 皿回し, Kyokugi! Saramawashi?, literally meaning "Acrobatics! Plate Spinning") This is called Acrobat Technique! Monkey Showmen in the Funimation dub. The translator likely misheard "Saramawashi" as "Sarumawashi". Saru meaning monkey.[citation needed]


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