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Carol is Daddy Masterson's daughter, whom Usopp meets at a goggle shop in Loguetown. She only appeared in the anime and in the Loguetown novel.[1]


Carol is a young little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a dark green bow at the top of her head. She wears a light green dress and she is often seen smiling.[1]


She has a bratty and spoiled attitude as she always gets what she wants.[1] However, she cherishes her father.


Loguetown Arc

Usopp was in a shop where he wanted to buy a better pair of goggles for his adventures at sea, and, while he was trying to find his money, Carol came in and bought the goggles for her father. Then Usopp told her that he was a fearsome pirate with many followers. Carol found her father, Daddy Masterson who is a bounty hunter and told him about Usopp. After Daddy challenged Usopp to hit a weathervane with his slingshot to prove that he is Yasopp's son, he succeeded and Carol reluctantly gave the goggles to him.[1]


  • Being Daddy Masterson's daughter, it can be assumed that her full name may be Carol Masterson. However, there is no official mention of it, being simply referred to as Carol.


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