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Carta is a port town located at the eastern part of Dressrosa.[1]

Kyros's house, where he once lived with Scarlett and a young Rebecca, is located here, atop a flowered hill.[2]

Layout and Locations

Kyros and Rebecca.png
The outside of Kyros's house
Fighters Resting at Kyros's House.png
The inside of Kyros's house


When Sugar of the Donquixote Pirates fainted, a great number of pirates that were transformed by her into toys became human again and started a riot in the city. Most of Carta was left in ruins because of the Birdcage.

After Donquixote Doflamingo was defeated, the Straw Hat Pirates, Trafalgar Law, Bellamy, Kyros and Sabo were seen resting at Kyros' house, located atop a hill found in this town. Sabo eventually left Carta.

Three days later, Admiral Fujitora and the Marines in Dressrosa mobilized themselves to the remains of Carta in order to capture the Straw Hats and Trafalgar Law at Kyros' house. Fortunately for them, the Corrida Colosseum gladiators had formulated an escape plan in order to guide and protect the Straw Hats from the pursuing Marines. The plan involved escaping through a ship located at the eastern port, next to the town.

Admiral Fujitora would eventually catch up with the group. He used his Devil Fruit powers to accumulate the rubble found around the island above the spot where the town was once located, pretending to use all of it to attack the group. However, he gave up on dropping the rubble after the citizens of Dressrosa came to the town pretending to chase off the Straw Hats.


  • Carta means "paper" in Latin and Italian. It also means "letter" in Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese. Also means "card" in Spanish and Catalan, who also matches the card suit motif of Donquixote Pirates' executive officers
  • The names of three particular towns in Dressrosa may be based on actual Spanish cities, what would match the general inspiration that seeps from the island towns, architecture, cuisine and culture. Those would be Balsa (from Barcelona), Sevio (from Sevilla) and Carta (from Cartagena)


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