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This category is for articles tagged as candidates for deletion. To include an article in this category, use {{Delete}}. Discuss reasons for deletion of an article or reasons why it should not be deleted, on Forum:Candidates for Deletion. The pages deleted should have their respective talk pages marked with one of these categories, depending on the page's type. You can keep track of the deleted pages using Special:Log/delete.

Specific Pages to Be Deleted

Must-be Deleted

Any articles or files that fall under these categories are in direct transgression of the rules, and must and will be deleted ASAP.

  • Anything unnecessary: Clearly offensive in some way, pornography, fanart, unrelated and useless images.
  • Broken redirects: Redirects that link to redlinks must not exist.
  • Collages: Multiple images of different scenarios stuck together is not permitted and must be deleted.
  • Duplicate Files: Files that are duplicates of other files in use are to be deleted.
  • JPG Images: If a JPG image is uploaded, it will be immediately deleted and the JPGs already uploaded on the wiki will be replaced.
  • Misnamed Images: A clearly poorly named image, which stands to insult the naming standards, will be deleted.
  • Unlicensed Images: Images with no license provided are undesirable.
  • Unused Files: Files that are not used on an article or talk page are useless, and will be deleted.
  • Videos: No video of any sort is allowed to be uploaded onto this wiki, and will be deleted if done so.

Situational Uses

Any articles or files that fall under these categories are being used as situational circumstances, as they provide the necessary information at the time, but should be modified to a more acceptable version ASAP.

  • Conjecturally-Titled Articles: Articles with unofficial names are undesirable. These pages warrant an actual page as they contain enough information, but should be renamed without a redirect once available.
  • Fansub/Scanlation/Watermarked Images: No images should bear text from scanlation or fansub of any language, as well as watermarks; please keep them RAW Japanese for manga and RAW blank for anime. Exceptions are categorized here.
  • Unsourced Images: New files with no source provided are undesirable. Please add the proper source ASAP.

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