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This category has an unclear name and is being misapplied to images. The name "Volume Chapter Images" isn't clear on what the category is for, which hinders the potential usage. The main "Volume Images" category seems to serve the same purpose.

Also, the name and provided description label all images in this category as coming from volume releases, but it has been widely implemented on images that come from the weekly releases. It is necessary to correctly identify from what version an image comes, and obscuring this detail hinders the process of replacing images. Dragonus Nesha (talk) 14:11, 19 March 2022 (UTC)

When a category reaches a certain number of items that should be the time to them split into subcategories. This category is not for images of chapters that have no tankōbon release yet but for the chapters that do. If there are images of media from collected releases that have not been updated after said release then a new rule should be added to resolve the issue. The description is for the subcategories not made up yet and if the name is going to be an issue just change it. Rgilbert27 (talk) 15:38, 19 March 2022 (UTC)

"if the name is going to be an issue just change it"
Simply renaming a category doesn't automatically recategorize the entries in that category. It also ignores the issue that you're attempting to overhaul the wiki's system without a forum and implementing it in half steps. Dragonus Nesha (talk) 15:52, 19 March 2022 (UTC)

I agree with DN. These namings don't match the actual images. Just because they are now published in volumes does not mean they were initially sourced from volume scans.

Why split a category just because it has a lot of items? It isn't like pages that need to be split when they get to a certain length. Page length affects loading times. This affects nothing. Deciding that categories 'are too big' is arbitrary. There is no issue with the type of media that images are collected from, so nothing to resolve.

How about this? We delete both this category and the newly created Category:Shonen Jump Chapter Images and go back to the way things were with just Category:Chapter Images? It was a system that worked and did not need fixing. The new categories are unnecessarily confusing and complex, and they would just make labeling new images more difficult for everyone else.

We've told you before to create a forum before starting half-baked projects, but it bears repeating.Montblanc Noland :: Talk 15:58, 19 March 2022 (UTC)

If I had a bot then recategorizing or "half steps" would not be as long and does not change the issue of this wikia keeping past sources, changing the current source without changing the category to reflect that and leaving no source/category based on said source when a new image is added. In the end there are more than five images of chapters collected in tankōbon and as seen under volume changes more than five from Shonen Jump issues. If I were in a better situation where I could upload images from tankōbon releases I would but while I can not do that users with tankōbon releases should be alerted to upload said images over the Shonen Jump images and a new rule to upload new images after the tankōbon release so we can separate the images of chapters without a tankōbon. So far only chapter cover pages are uploaded after the tankōbon release, color spreads after Color Walk releases, and it should not stop there. There may not be that many images from one chapter after being animated but there still images from one tankōbon which is why I went by volume then chapter. If I could make a template that would sort the images by source I would but I can not so I am putting that idea out and hope a user who knows how to work with code will help. I only have nothing but love for One Piece and this wikia. That said, were my situation not as bad as is I would be doing more than right now. Rgilbert27 (talk) 21:57, 19 March 2022 (UTC)