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Cello is the king of Cream Mist and the host of the Treasure Wars event. He originates from the game One Piece: Treasure Wars.[1]


Cello's full body appearance.

Cello is a tall, slim man with fair skin and a slightly wrinkled face. He has a pointed nose and prominent cheekbones. He wears a black tuxedo with a blue vest, a white collared shirt, a purple crossover tie, and a black top hat with a purple band. He also wears white gloves, gold cufflinks, black shoes, and a long light-blue scarf. He carries a black cane with a gold snake decoration wrapped around it.


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Abilities and Powers

As the king of Cream Mist, Cello has full authority over the archipelago's five islands.

Cello has average physical abilities and was threatened by Helsing and Cal.[1]


One Piece: Treasure Wars

Cello hosted the Treasure Wars and offered to reward the participant who gathered all five Life Gems from the archipelago's islands with Beli.png100,000,000 and an Eternal Pose to the island of their choice. After he started the event, he was approached and threatened by Helsing and Cal.[1]


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