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Centaurs are a race of artificial creatures that lived on Punk Hazard,[1] and were originally humans who got animal parts due to Trafalgar Law's Devil Fruit ability.[2] They once constituted Caesar Clown's army before his capture by the Straw Hat Pirates.


Centaurs seem to have different variations, not following the ancient Greek and Roman myths of being half horse from the waist down, but instead having the lower half being any kind of animal. Some like Smooge follow the traditional myths by being a horse centaur.


Chadros Higelyges Manga Post Timeskip Infobox.png
Brownbeard, an alligator centaur, along with a female doe centaur and a male centaur of unknown species.
Centaur in Hazmat Suit.png
A centaur wearing a hazmat suit.
Luffy and Hyoutauros.png
Luffy looking at a jaguar centaur.
Smooge Anime Infobox.png
"Rebar" Smooge, a horse centaur.
Chappe Full Body.png
Chappe, a bull centaur.
Run Manga Infobox.png
Run the Machete, a spider centaur.


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Almost all the current centaurs were originally full human pirates who got caught by Marines and deported to Punk Hazard as Vegapunk and Caesar Clown's test subjects.

Due to the first explosion of Caesar's experiment on H2S gas of four years prior the present, they lost the use of their lower bodies. When Trafalgar Law arrived on the island, he used his Devil Fruit ability to give them new legs, creating the centaur army for Caesar.

Exceptions are constituted by Brownbeard and his crew, who lost their lower bodies use due to their fight against Basil Hawkins.[2]


After Caesar was defeated and captured by the Straw Hat Pirates and Law, the centaurs who were petrified by Caesar's new H2S gas experiment were saved by their comrades, and were all arrested by G-5.[3][4] However, one centaur was apparently captured by the Big Mom Pirates and imprisoned in Big Mom's book of rare creatures via Mont-d'Or's Devil Fruit powers.[5]


The zombie centaur (right).


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