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Chapter 1006 is titled "The Honorable Hyogoro of the Flower".

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Color Spread: Kaidou, the All-Stars, and the Tobiroppo including X Drake.

Short Summary

Bao Huang spots Momonosuke hiding amongst Yamato and Shinobu and broadcasts their location as the duo are forced to fight out in the open. Sanji hears about Momonosuke's group being in trouble and is forced to choose between going to save them or the Nine Red Scabbards. Meanwhile, Perospero goes to rejoin the battle in the Skull Dome after defeating Carrot and Wanda.

Inside the Skull Dome, the samurai and Beasts Pirates are struggling to avoid being fully overtaken by the Ice Oni as Chopper furiously works on the cure. As Marco takes on King and Queen simultaneously, X Drake and Hyogoro hold off Scratchmen Apoo and his forces, with Hyogoro growing back to the size he was during Oden's time due to the Ice Oni drawing out the remainder of his strength. Being at the level of power he was during his prime but with the Ice Oni just about to fully overtake him, Hyogoro is forced to have Yatappe kill him, and faces death with no regrets.

Long Summary

On the Performance Floor, Bao Huang reports that Momonosuke has escaped the Sealed Storeroom, and while she can't see him physically, she is convinced he is with Yamato, which is true as he is hiding within their clothes. Yamato directs Shinobu's attention to a path that Shinobu asks if they can pick a less obvious route. Bao Huang reports that Yamato is with Shinobu, and Sanji, who overheard, realizes both Momonosuke and Shinobu are in danger while also wondering who Yamato is. He asks a beaten pirate where the Sealed Storeroom is and he tells him it is near the entrance to the Skull Dome. Sanji realizes that is in the opposite direction as Kin'emon's position, leaving him confused as to which side needs him most right now. After a bit of deliberating, he makes his decision.

At the entrance of the castle, Charlotte Perospero sits on a rock and looks down at Carrot and Wanda, who he has defeated. He yells to them that the reason they lost to him was because the full moon was covered by clouds, which cancelled their Sulong, and turned them back to normal. He jumps down and grabs Carrot's face asking her if she was serious about wanting to avenge Pedro and what she thought would happen if she waltzed into their home like they were going to have a picnic. He throws her to the ground and tells her that if she doesn't want to see her friends die, she should have stayed in the forest eating grass where she belongs. Perospero then says that while he is against working with the Beasts Pirates, he wants to teach the younglings what it means to be a member of the Four Emperors.

Inside the Skull Dome, several samurai are struggling to keep from turning back into an Ice Oni, as their physical stamina is being burnt up to keep the phoenix flames alight. They are told to keep it together, since Chopper, who is also infected, is working hard to make enough cures. Scratchmen Apoo is told that they can't get through to Chopper and the cure because of X Drake and Hyogoro, who has regained the strength and appearance of his prime. Apoo's followers ask why they had to get caught up in this sick game but Apoo says Queen isn't the type to bestow mercy on crybabies. The Orochi Oniwabanshu wonder how Hyogoro regained his old strength as the old man realizes contracting the disease has extracted all the strength he has to the very inch of his life, and while it is burning away at the last bits of his body for fuel, he will use its power to cut down their enemies. Hyogoro then yells to the other yakuza bosses to strike him down should Chopper fail to make the medicine in time, as he fears he will cut down everyone present should he turn. Sadly, the yakuza confirm this while Hotei and Mimawarigumi decide to challenge him, however, he easily defeats all of them with Hana no Ittoryu: Dohatsu Kohai. As he fights, he admits to himself he wishes he could have been able to fight alongside Oden against Kaidou when he was in his prime, but his retainers were able to pull off this raid in his name while he himself gained a fascinating apprentice in Luffy. He confidently says the dawn of Wano will come as Queen tries to stop him from taking out the entire floor.

Before Queen can fire his laser at Hyogoro, however, he gets struck by Marco with Hoo-in, which causes him to cough up blood. He angrily asks what that attack was, as Marco reminds him that he was fighting him, and he won't be able to think about the samurai until he deals with him. Marco dodges Queen's laser attack while King jumps down and cuts off Marco's left wing. Marco regenerates it though and fires a Bluebird at King, knocking him into a building before he gets kneed in the face by Marco. Queen turns back to normal as he walks over to Marco, but Marco launches him back with Ongle. Marco admits fighting two people with over-a-billion bounties is tough even for him and hopes Chopper finishes soon. Perospero enters the Skull Dome and sees Marco, noticing how exhausted he is becoming.

Eventually, everyone starts turning back into an Ice Oni and Hyogoro asks Yatappe to cut him down, saying he wants this and that the heavens have rewarded him with this final role to play. As Yatappe raises his sword with tears in his eyes, Hyogoro says that he leaves the rest in everyone's hands and this is where his life ends with no regrets.

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