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Chapter 1008 is titled "Leader of the Mt. Atama Thieves, Ashura Doji".

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Cover Page Request: "A horse that wants to fly gets turned into a Pegasus with help from Robin"" - by PN Caramel the Dancing Butterfly

Short Summary

Oden claims that he was sent into the future by Toki's powers, and most of the Nine Red Scabbards believe it is really him. However, Ashura Doji and Raizo quickly realize this is a fake, and when "Oden" does not bleed after Ashura cuts his face, the Scabbards realize that he is one of Kanjuro's drawings and that their former comrade survived. Kanjuro says he will pierce the heart of the Kozuki Family before he dies of his wounds, and the Oden drawing lights some explosives hanging under its clothes to kill all of the Scabbards. However, Ashura is able to grab the fake Oden and move him out of the room, sacrificing himself in the explosion to save his comrades. As Kanjuro himself moves to find and attack Momonosuke, Jack then comes to the Scabbards' room to confront them. However, Inuarashi stays to confront the All-Star alone while the rest of his comrades go to protect Momonosuke.

Meanwhile, Kurozumi Orochi is alive and well despite Kaidou's seeming decapitation of him, and he and Fukurokuju move through the castle setting it on fire as an act of revenge. On the Skull Dome roof, the five Supernovas try desperately to figure out a way to get the upper hand against the tandem of Kaidou and Big Mom.

Long Summary

In the Treasure Repository, Oden tells the Nine Red Scabbards that he doesn't blame them for being surprised and explains that Toki sent him into the future with her Devil Fruit powers, a story he offers to explain later. Kin'emon, Nekomamushi, Kikunojo, Inuarashi, Kawamatsu, Izou, and Denjiro are racked with joy over his apparent return and Oden tells his retainers that they can stop Kaidou together now. Just as everyone is about to follow him, Ashura Doji yells for his comrades to not be fooled, saying that the Oden standing before them is an imposter. Kin'emon tries to deny this with the fact that he was standing before them, but Raizo sides with Ashura and reminds Kin'emon that Toki told them that it is impossible to return to the past, and since Oden died that day, how could he possibly be here in the future?

Kin'emon tries to defend Oden, unaware that he has drawn his sword against him. Ashura punches Kin'emon out of the way yelling for him to open his eyes as he cuts Oden's cheek, where they see no blood coming out. Ashura ends up getting stabbed by "Oden" while telling his friends that he understands their wishes that this was the real Oden. Seeing this deception, the Nine Red Scabbards demand to know who would pull such a cruel trick. They all realize that they were the only ones who knew Oden and his mannerisms, meaning that the one responsible for creating this fake was Kurozumi Kanjuro.

Kikunojo apologizes to Ashura for not killing Kanjuro but he forgives her, saying that the sharpest sword will become dull when turned against a friend. The Scabbards start fighting the drawing of Oden wondering where Kanjuro is, and Kanjuro, through the drawing of Oden, reveals that he is controlling the drawing remotely. He also tells his former comrades that it is draining him of his energy, but since he is already wounded, he believes he won't live to see the end of the war anyway. However, he plans on killing Momonosuke, who the Scabbards know is in danger after the Marys revealed his location along with Shinobu. The fake Oden then ignites an explosive which Ashura notices. He tackles the drawing and tells his comrades to escape and stop Kanjuro. He falls out of the room with the drawing telling Kanjuro that his mockery of Oden ends here as the drawing explodes, blowing everyone back.

The Scabbards see Ashura badly wounded but press on after Kanjuro as he declares that masquerading as a Kozuki to destroy them before his death would be a fitting finale to his life-long performance. The Scabbards, however, are stopped by Jack, who was held back by several of the Minks. Inuarashi tells the others to keep going as Jack asks if he seriously wants to fight him alone but Inuarashi says that both of them have been injured, yet he still believes it will be enough. He then tells Jack that this isn't about settling a grudge anymore, but he intends to stop him from causing anyone anymore harm. The others leave to find Momonosuke as Jack mocks that there is no moonlight to activate his Sulong form. Inuarashi, however, retorts that Jack doesn't have his poison gas weapon either.

Meanwhile, Kurozumi Orochi, who is revealed to be alive, starts setting the castle on fire as retaliation for Kaidou's betrayal. He is accompanied by Fukurokuju, who silences anyone who sees Orochi. Elsewhere, Momonosuke returns to normal and hides in Yamato's clothes again, saying he can control his transformation better now, unlike when he first met Luffy and his crew whenever he got anxious. Yamato admits they were surprised he could transform into a creature similar to Kaidou and Momonosuke admits he wishes he could transform into something as strong as Kaidou so he could be more useful. Yamato wonders how Luffy is and wishes to help him as "Oden". Momonosuke, however, reveals that Luffy is worn out but still in high-spirits. Shinobu is relieved but questions how Momonosuke was able to know that.

Atop the Skull Dome, Luffy, who has recovered, is blown into a rock between Zoro and Kid. The two wonder how they are supposed to defeat the two Emperors because it looks like none of their attacks are working. Luffy says that they are because Kaidou and Big Mom are human, so they have to be feeling the pain of their attacks. He tries to attack again but is blown back into the wall again as Killer wonders how he can call the two of them human. Luffy says that a losing attitude isn't going to help as Zoro demands he help come up with a plan. Law suggests they split the two of them up, which Zoro and Kid agree with as Kid says that fighting the two of them is like Hell. Luffy says that is true then he has been to Hell and back a few times. Kaidou looks at Luffy and tells him that his eyes never seem to lose their fire.

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Chapter Notes

  • The "Kozuki Oden" that appears before the Scabbards is revealed to be a fake drawing created by Kanjuro, who is still alive and inside the Skull Dome.
    • Ashura and the fake Oden trade blows, ending with the drawing using a bomb and Ashura being severely burned.
  • Jack appears in front of the Scabbards after defeating some minks that tried to delay him.
  • Orochi is also revealed to be alive and starts fires inside the Skull Dome.
  • Law and Zoro suggest that Kaidou and Big Mom need to be separated.
  • Kaidou's hybrid form is clearly shown for the first time.


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