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Chapter 1010 is titled "Haoshoku".

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Cover Page Request: "Pudding putting in eye drops" by PN Mattsu.

Short Summary

Kaido attacks Zoro to stop him from attacking Prometheus, and Law teleports Zoro away from the Emperor's attack. This allows Prometheus to fly down and rescue Big Mom right before she lands in the ocean, and Kid and Killer head to confront Big Mom while the others keep fighting Kaido.

Zoro, having sustained grievous wounds from blocking the Emperors' Hakai attack, puts all his remaining energy into a final Kyutoryu strike that manages to give Kaido a notable scar on his chest, shocking Kaido, suspected that the swordsman is using Haoshoku Haki. Kaido finishes off Zoro and Law with Raimei Hakke, but Luffy then regains consciousness and confronts the Emperor. Noting that the advanced Busoshoku Haki applications he learned had not succeeded in inflicting real harm against Kaido, Luffy realizes that one can also infuse objects with Haoshoku Haki, a technique Kaido is capable of. With this revelation, Luffy starts putting his own Haoshoku Haki to use and successfully hits Kaido from afar with immense power, saying Law and Zoro can go back down below while he takes on the Emperor alone.

Long Summary

Big Mom cries for Zeus to save her but he can't due to being trapped in Kid's box. Prometheus attempts to save her but Zoro's continuous attacking prevents Prometheus from moving. Law is left in disbelief seeing Zoro still able to move after the Emperors' last attack. Kaido calls Big Mom pathetic but he charges for Zoro demanding he release Prometheus. Law, however, uses his Devil Fruit powers to switch places with him, where he then uses Injection Shot on Kaido's throat. He uses Curtain to shield himself but Kaido blows him away while saying his powers are annoying. This does give Prometheus and Napoleon the opening needed to rush to Big Mom's aid, causing Zoro to ask why he did that. Law answers that his plans aren't worth one of them dying, but Kid says that they already succeeded in separating the two as both him and Killer decide to take on Big Mom themselves.

Prometheus is able to catch Big Mom, who thanks him for saving her. She also wonders what happened with Zeus as Prometheus says he is always holding them back. He then asks Big Mom for a favor as Kid and Killer notice the clouds above swirling.

Back on the roof, Kaido laughs at how Luffy was glaring at him while unconscious like back in Bakura Town. He starts talking about different ways to maim him as Zoro tells Law that he has reached his limit so this next attack will be his last. He coats his swords in Busoshoku Haki and assumes his Kyutoryu form while attacking him with Ashura Bakkei: Moja no Tawamure.

Kaido clutches his chest in pain while asking Zoro if he has Haoshoku Haki. Zoro doesn't know what he is talking about as he falls down, saying that he had hoped that attack would have brought Kaido down to the ground. Kaido, however, tells Zoro that his attack will definitely leave a scar on him. He raises his kanabo to attack as Law tries to help him avoid it. Kaido tells him it is too late and blows the both of them away with Raimei Hakke. After defeating the two of them, Kaido says that if they had joined him, they could have taken over the world together.

Suddenly, he hears Luffy tell him that they would never team up with him due to their friendship with the samurai. He thinks back to Hyogoro's training and his advice on Haki and admits all the attacks he used on Kaido were shallow but after being struck with his kanabo, Luffy realized the truth: Kaido can infuse objects with Haoshoku Haki. Kaido laughs in confirmation as he charges at Luffy, revealing that only a select few powerful individuals can pull it off as he brings his club down on Luffy. However Luffy, having worked out how to infuse Haoshoku Haki into his limbs, blocks the attack with his foot without even touching it. He then charges for Kaido and punches him in the gut again without touching him before delivering an uppercut that sends him flying and crashing down onto his back.

Law is left in disbelief that Luffy did damage without actually touching Kaido. Luffy thanks both him and Zoro for covering him, but they can go back down to the castle. He declares that he can handle the rest and he will beat Kaido no matter what.

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Chapter Notes

  • Kaido knocks out Luffy and attacks Zoro, allowing Prometheus to escape with Napoleon.
    • Law saves Zoro by switching places with him and attacking Kaido.
    • Kid and Killer chase after Big Mom.
    • Prometheus rescues Big Mom from falling into the ocean. He also asks for a favor from Big Mom.
    • Kid and Killer notice something strange happening with Onigashima's clouds.
  • Zoro uses Kyutoryu and severely wounds Kaido.
    • This marks the first time Zoro used Kyutoryu since the timeskip.
    • Kaido suspects Zoro possesses Haoshoku Haki, but Zoro is unaware of what he is referring to.
  • Kaido defeats Zoro and Law.
  • Luffy recovers and strikes Kaido without making any physical contact.
    • Luffy realizes Kaido can infuse his attacks with Haoshoku Haki, and does the same.
    • Luffy tells Law and Zoro they can leave the battle on the roof and head down.


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