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Chapter 1011 is titled "The Code of Anko".

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Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates eating soft serve with a few members lounging in giant drinks and Nami is giant-sized in the background.

Short Summary

Big Mom attacks Kid and Killer with a new lightning-powered homie named Hera. Zeus is able to escape from his confines and searches for Big Mom, and Law teleports himself and Zoro inside the Skull Dome as well, leaving Luffy to fight Kaidou alone. Kid and Killer are blasted inside Kaidou's fortress and they race to find Big Mom again, but are confronted by Hawkins, and Killer stays behind to battle him while Kid continues on.

Meanwhile, Nami, Usopp, and Tama are riding Komachiyo to the Live Floor, but the two pirates struggle to shake Page One off their trail. They then run into Big Mom, who is delighted to see Tama and reveals she remembers what occurred during the time she had amnesia. When Big Mom recalls the meal she had at Okobore Town, Tama tells her that the Beasts Pirates burned it to the ground. This enrages Big Mom, and causes her to strike Page One with a Haoshoku Haki-infused punch.

Long Summary

Kid and Killer try to flee from Big Mom, but she unleashes a wave of lightning from her new homie, Hera, who appears to be composed entirely of lightning. Big Mom uses Hera to unleash an attack called Fulgora, striking Kid and Killer and slamming into the side of the castle. Zeus continues to call out to Big Mom, but he finds himself free from the metal box he was kept prisoner in, with Law realizing something must have happened to Kid. Zeus immediately tries to find Big Mom, while Law uses his Devil Fruit powers to warp himself, Zoro, and Zeus down into the castle. After they leave, Kaidou gets back up and smiles, telling Luffy that he seems to be enjoying this fight, and the higher the risk, the wider he smiles. The two of them charge at each other and clash with their Haoshoku Haki-infused attacks.

Kid and Killer find themselves back inside the castle but they can't find Big Mom. Killer deduces that the hole she made was so big she lost track of them. That means she must be on the second floor, so the two of them try to cut her off to keep her from regrouping with Kaidou. They do get stopped by the Beasts Pirates, led by Basil Hawkins who attacks them with Warabide-to. Kid curses Hawkins for his betrayal but Hawkins merely states that he too was betrayed by Scratchmen Apoo, and joining up with Kaidou was the only logical choice he felt he could make in that situation that didn't involve him dying, though he admits his surprise to see the two of them alive.

Killer tells Kid to go on without him and he does so while Hawkins assumes his Goma no So form. He says that his chances of defeating the two of them simultaneously were slim, but with it just being Killer, his odds seem better, while Killer insults him calling him a true guard dog for Kaidou. Hawkins ignores his words and tells him that his chances of dying are 92%, which is his role in the end. Killer, however, declares that he and his crew take matters into their own hands rather than leaving it up to fate. Hawkins tells Killer that all he can do is wish for luck, but Killer refuses to do such a thing.

On the second floor, Page One manages to grab onto Komachiyo's back while Nami and Usopp try to get him to let go. Page One demands to know why the two of them won't give up. They yell that it is because they don't want to die yet and continue to attack him at every vital spot he has. Tama tells Komachiyo to hold on as she says that Speed has most likely fed her Kibi Dango to several SMILE eaters, so she should be able to take charge of them all. Once she reaches the Live Floor's stage, she will turn them into allies, also saying that she won't care what happens to her after that, but she will hang in there until then. Nami retorts that that won't happen because she and Usopp will protect her, though it doesn't ease her fears all that much.

Usopp uses Midori Boshi: Hanabibana to force Page One to let go. After he hits the ground, Usopp uses Midori Boshi: Baku Bokkuri. Unfortunately for him, Page One endures the attack and gets back up. Usopp yells that he wishes Tama's Devil Fruit powers would work on natural Zoans just as Big Mom crosses paths with the three of them, much to their horror. Big Mom notices Nami and Usopp, but when Tama sees her, she calls her by her name from when she was amnesiac: O-Lin.

Surprisingly, Big Mom goes into what Prometheus calls her "Mothering Mode", which only shows around kids under ten now and then. As a result, Big Mom forgets the Straw Hats and starts talking friendly with Tama, much to the astonishment of Nami and Usopp. Tama tells her that she was worried after she vanished at Udon while Big Mom tells Tama that she wanted to thank her for looking after her when she had amnesia, while Tama is relieved for her memories returning. Big Mom also tells Tama that she will never forget how tasty the oshiruko was when Tsuru gave it to her in Okobore Town, but Tama's expression becomes crestfallen.

Tama explains to Big Mom that Okobore Town was destroyed because the denizens lied to protect the samurai and their raid and was burnt to the ground after lying about eating all the stolen food. This revelation enrages Big Mom as Page One finally catches up to them. He tells Big Mom to not let the enemy escape while he prepares to chomp down on them. Big Mom, however, calls Page One and the rest of the Beasts Pirates ingrates, and that no matter how cruel pirates can be, there should still be standards. She then strikes Page One in the throat with a fist coated in Haoshoku Haki. Ulti and her subordinates watch in horror at this scene while Kid and Zeus deduce her location from the noise.

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Chapter Notes

  • Big Mom creates a new homie called Hera with lightning powers.
    • She attacks Kid and Killer, sending them back inside the castle.
    • Zeus' metallic containment is dismantled, and he is freed.
      • Zeus heads towards Big Mom's location.
  • Law teleports Zoro, Zeus, and himself off the roof.
  • Inside the Skull Dome, Kid and Killer get up and encounter Hawkins.
    • Killer prepares to fight Hawkins while Kid leaves to find Big Mom.
  • Page One has caught up to Tama's group.
  • Usopp confirms that Tama's power doesn't work on non-SMILE Zoans.
    • Tama plans to give a final order for the Gifters she tamed once they reach the Live Stage.
  • Tama's group encounters Big Mom.
    • Big Mom remains friendly towards Tama.
    • Big Mom learns that Okobore Town was destroyed and its villagers executed.
    • After talking with Tama, Big Mom attacks Page One, with Ulti witnessing the scene.


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