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Chapter 1012 is titled "Itch".

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Cover Page Request: "Kid so focused on building a bird out of scrap metal, he doesn't realize his head got turned into a bird's nest" by PN Atsuki.

Short Summary

Kin'emon and Kikunojo split off from the other Scabbards to protect Momonosuke from Kanjuro, and upon learning from Shishilian and Bariete that Pedro died and the person responsible is here, Nekomamushi goes with them to pursue vengeance. Kawamatsu and Izou remain, and they run into Sanji, who is carrying Zoro in a full-body set of bandages and splints after encountering Zoro and Law on the way to save Momonosuke. With Momonosuke being taken care of, Zoro suggests the three of them head to the Live Floor. Meanwhile, Yamato prepares to head out with a Momonosuke decoy in order to draw attention away from him and Shinobu.

Elsewhere, Ulti confronts Big Mom for knocking out Page One. Nami tries to use this conflict to get away, but Ulti goes after her group and takes down Komachiyo with a headbutt. Tama wails in sadness at this, causing Ulti to slap her. Nami then strikes Ulti with a lightning bolt, and becomes intent on staying and defeating her for Tama's sake.

Long Summary

In the connecting hallway from the Treasure Repository to the third floor of the castle, Izou asks Kikunojo if her severed arm pains her. She denies this and says that it is merely 'itching' until her life is expended. She also says that it is nothing compared to the itch in her heart the day Izou left. He apologizes for that but accepts that she is doing fine for now. Kawamatsu asks Izou what he thinks Wano will become after the country is opened, but he says that if they survive the night, they can talk about that after the battle. Kin'emon realizes that their raid has become an all-out war, and he himself believes he will be enough to protect Momonosuke, so the rest of them can scatter and join in on the fight. Kikunojo asks Kin'emon's permission to kill Kanjuro, promising she won't hesitate this time.

Nekomamushi's attention is drawn to Shishilian and Bariete, causing Kawamatsu to say that he can go off with the Minks while Kin'emon asks Kikunojo to follow him. Nekomamushi learns from Bariete that Pedro died in Big Mom's territory but it was a sacrifice to help them escape. He does add that the one responsible for his death is on the island currently and Carrot and Wanda fought him, but they let their anger get the better of them, and that is the reason he wanted to warn Shishilian. Nekomamushi praises Pedro for dying honorably and decides to get revenge for him, jumping high into the air.

In the first floor crawlspace, Yamato is hiding with Shinobu and Momonosuke, but they say that because Marys will be watching for them and him, they will be a decoy and create a rather pitiful looking doll of Momonosuke. The two figure that they just want to fight, but Shinobu was able to get in touch with Kin'emon, so he knows where they are. Yamato leaves Momonosuke in her hands and asks how Luffy is doing. Momonosuke replies that he is weakened but still well, but now it is just him and Kaidou now. Yamato decides to make haste as Momonosuke finally starts reading his father's logbook.

On the second floor, Sanji is fighting other Beasts Pirates while carrying Zoro, who is so heavily bandaged up he looks like a cross. A few dozen minutes earlier, Sanji witnessed Law, Zoro, and Zeus appear in the air. He catches the two of them (to his displeasure), and asks Zeus about Nami, but he runs off in search of Big Mom. Sanji demands an explanation from Law and he says that Zoro broke about 20-30 bones and tells him to splinter his limbs and make sure he is conscious and breathing. Sanji retorts that he wasn't talking about him and isn't a doctor and doesn't have time for this but Law heads off looking for Big Mom. Nevertheless, he wraps Zoro up and asks how he ended up like this. Zoro answers that it was Kaidou and Big Mom, which Sanji understands. He says that he trusts Luffy is okay up there and Zoro says he figured something out, meaning he will win this, which Sanji already knew. In the present, Sanji fights off the pirates wondering where to lay Zoro, and ends up meeting with Kawamatsu and Izou. He learns that Kin'emon was heading to help Momonosuke, and Zoro tells the three of them to go to the Live Floor before falling asleep. The three of them proceed to do so.

On the same floor, Big Mom punched Page One so hard he was submerged in the ground, as she angrily asks if he was the one who burned Okobore Town. Ulti angrily tells Big Mom that she will regret that and charges for her, causing Usopp and Nami to realize they could use Big Mom to take her out. Nami yells to Big Mom, calling her O-Lin and saying that Ulti did what she thinks she did (even though she doesn't know what it exactly was). Big Mom, however, angrily tells her to shut up and that when she finishes Ulti, she will go for them. In response, Nami tries to manipulate Ulti into working with her, but Ulti similarly tells her to shut up.

Ulti notices the group trying to flee on Komachiyo, but she quickly catches up to them and strikes Komachiyo in the side with Ul-Zugan in her Pachycephalosaurus form, knocking them all over. She angrily starts kicking Komachiyo for giving her the run around this whole time, causing Tama to beg her to stop. Ulti, however, smacks Tama aside, shocking both Nami and Big Mom. Usopp tells her to take Tama and flee as Big Mom angrily asks if she just witnessed her hitting her friend. Ulti retorts that she smashed her brother but she gets zapped by Nami in retaliation. Usopp tells Nami that they need to flee but Nami refuses, saying that she will crush Ulti for hitting a child.

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