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Chapter 1019 is titled "Heliceratops".

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Color Spread: The Straw Hats are hanging out with some whale sharks while relaxing out on the ocean, in celebration of the manga's 24th anniversary.

Short Summary

With Sasaki's forces now defected, Franky is able to take on the Tobiroppo one-on-one. The two of them fight ferociously, with Sasaki showing the ability to make his triceratops frill spin rapidly and become a weapon as well as lift himself up into the air. Sasaki unleashes a powerful finishing blow against the General Franky and greatly damages it, but Franky manages to eject from it in time. He then unleashes a "Radical Beam" which strikes Sasaki in the stomach and brings him down.

On the Skull Dome roof, Yamato has entered a Zoan hybrid form whilst doing battle with Kaidou.

Long Summary

Queen fires several laser shots at Sanji but he dodges him, while also musing at how excited Franky would become if he got his hands on Queen's technology. As for Zoro, the Minks try to heal him but due to the level of bandages he is wrapped in, they need to drive the needle in pretty deep, which concerns him. On the Polar Tang, the Heart Pirates finally pump all the water out of Luffy. They all start arguing about how to best heal him but Luffy screams that he wants meat.

In the right brain tower, the tamed Gifters continue fighting the other Beasts Pirates backing up Sasaki, allowing Franky to have a one-one-one fight with him. Sasaki angrily decrees that what they have done is treason, regardless of the method behind it. Franky tells Sasaki that he is a tough enemy since he landed several blows on him, and Sasaki likewise admits he is tough himself. Sasaki changes into his hybrid form and says that they have been betrayed on the Live Floor, so he plans on going there to kill all the turncoats, demanding Franky get out of his way as he draws his Karakuri Rasento. Franky retorts that he won't let that happen, also saying that he doesn't mind the turncoats helping him out.

The tamed Gifters agree to back him up but Franky tells them not to, just as Sasaki starts rotating his frill neck bone like a propeller, therefore giving him the ability to fly, which surprises Franky. The Gifters realize what is about to happen but react to late as Sasaki attacks them all with Heliceratops. Sasaki attacks Franky again with it as Franky says that he didn't expect the fight to become an aerial battle. Sasaki tells Franky that the Triceratops is a unique breed of dinosaur as he lands and rotates the frill neck bone again, with clear intent on charging straight at Franky. Franky tries to use General Shield to protect himself, but surprisingly, Sasaki ends up moving backwards instead, having rotated his propeller the wrong way.

While embarrassed, Sasaki plays it off, saying that now he has more running space to charge at Franky, striking him with Tamaceratops. His attack causes Franky's shoulder launcher to misfire and explode, but Franky still grabs Sasaki and uses General Suplex to slam him into the ground. Franky sees the V-shaped scar he left earlier and says that his belly is bound to be a weak spot, using Shori no V-Flash again hoping to finish Sasaki off. Sadly, Sasaki gets back into the air and dodges the strike. The two have a brief sword fight that ends with the Franken getting shattered due to Franky's lack of sword skills.

Franky decides to use his strongest attack and runs away to prepare, with Sasaki giving chase. Arriving back at the Live Floor, Sasaki uses Tamaceratops again but Franky blasts him into the air with Gaon Portable Cannon: General Cannon. While injured, Sasaki recovers and tells Franky that everyone fears the Beasts Pirates because of the Tobiroppo, so he shouldn't underestimate him. He declares he will take him down with him and uses Magnumceratops to slam straight into Franky, heavily damaging the Iron Pirate. Thankfully, Franky ejects and blasts Sasaki in his belly with Radical Beam, knocking him unconscious.

On the roof of the Skull Dome, Kaidou tells Yamato that they would make a worthy addition to the Beasts Pirates' military strength, causing Yamato to retort that that is no way for a parent to talk to their child. Kaidou tells Yamato that the Devil Fruit they consumed was one he had a tough time acquiring and never planned on letting them have it. Yamato tells him that they ate it out of hunger and now they can't swim even though they wanted to set sail. Yamato tells Kaidou that even though they failed to kill him multiple times, all of the defeats have made them stronger, and that the explosive cuffs weren't the only thing keeping them in Wano. Yamato declares that if they just abandoned the country, they couldn't call themselves Kozuki Oden, as their Devil Fruit hybrid form is shown.

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Chapter Notes

  • Queen is shown to be able to shoot lasers from his hair.
  • Zoro is still being healed by the Minks.
  • Luffy wakes up on the Heart Pirates' submarine demanding meat.
  • The battle between Sasaki and Franky is shown.
    • Sasaki transforms into his hybrid form and demonstrates his ability to spin his Triceratops frill rapidly to fly and gain a speed boost.
    • The General Franky is heavily damaged, forcing Franky to eject from it.
    • Franky manages to knock Sasaki out.
  • The battle between Kaidou and Yamato is shown.
    • Yamato is revealed to have eaten a Zoan-type Devil Fruit and has transformed into their hybrid form.
    • Kaidou claims that Yamato was never meant to eat the said Devil Fruit, which took Kaidou great effort to acquire.


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  • As part of a promotion, the Shonen Jump magazine released a collaboration poster with the Where's Wally? franchise, featuring the character of the series and the franchise, and several of the events and battles from the raid on Onigashima.

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