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Chapter 1028 is titled "Brachiojaurus".

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Color Spread: Usopp and Nami are playing a fighting game featuring the rest of the Straw Hats as video game characters.

The video game itself is reminiscent of the Super Smash Bros. series of fighting games.

Short Summary

The CP-0 agents in Kaidou's fortress receive a call from Rob Lucci, who reveals that battleships are positioned to initiate a World Government takeover of Wano Country should Kaidou fall. Additionally, Lucci orders his comrades to capture Robin. Meanwhile, Yamato leaves Momonosuke to generate Flame Clouds on his own while she goes to the armory to try to minimize any worst case explosion.

Meanwhile, Sanji and Queen fight fiercely, but the cook struggles to find a way to inflict damage on the All-Star as he resists Queen's goads to use his Raid Suit. Queen fully transforms into his brachiosaurus form and reveals that his head, neck and tail are a single serpentine construct that can exit the rest of his body. Queen uses his snake form to crush Sanji, but ends up releasing him after explosive launchers on his main body misfire and strike him. The attack leaves Sanji with all his bones broken, but to his shock, his body starts to fix itself in an instant. Queen then swings a giant sword at Sanji, only for it to shatter upon striking him; Sanji comes to realize to his displeasure that the modifications his father gave him might finally be starting to take effect.

Long Summary

In the Visitor's Reception room, a member of CP0 is informing another person over a Den Den Mushi that another dragon appeared resembling Kaidou and is fighting him alongside Luffy, and also its appearance matches the Devil Fruit Dr. Vegapunk made. The receptor on the other end disregards this discovery, prompting the angry agent to inquire the caller's reason for calling. The caller informs the agent that they received orders from the higher ups saying that if Kaidou is defeated, they are to immediately move into Wano and annex it to the World Government, and several ships are on their way right now. The agent notes that the numbers between the two forces have gone down to 12,000 vs. 8,000, but even so, the agent himself and the caller do not believe Kaidou will be defeated. The caller, who is revealed to be Rob Lucci, then informs the other agent that they have received another order: the immediate capture of Nico Robin, regardless of the outcome of the battle. The agent agrees, though at that point, Robin has woken up again and is fighting back the Beasts Pirates alongside Brook.

In the skies of Wano, Onigashima has only five minutes before reaching the Flower Capital, and Yamato has split from Momonosuke, the reason being that she hopes to nullify the explosives in the castle to hopefully reduce the potential number of casualties. Though Momonosuke is upset that she left him like that, he steels himself and attempts to create Flame Clouds large enough to support the island, though to no avail. Yamato finally reaches the top of the island and turns into her full Mythical Zoan-form to head for the explosives, much to the Heart Pirates' surprise.

On the Live Floor, Queen is attacking Sanji with his Bry Pan move as Sanji tries to dodge. Sanji admits Queen is strong as he dodges a sword strike as Queen demands Sanji use his Raid Suit again, having seen him use it on King earlier. He knocks Sanji away but as he gets back up, he thinks about how his body is feeling weird. Nevertheless, he angrily refuses to put on the Raid Suit due to his hatred for the Vinsmoke Family, which he vocally makes known to Queen. Queen still fires his Black Coffee at Sanji but he dodges and strikes Queen with Diable Jambe: Bien Cuit: Grill Shot, burning his stomach and sending him flying back. Queen steadies himself and turns into his full Brachiosaurus form, as Sanji wonders how he can take down his insanely powerful foe.

Queen admits Sanji's attack was impressive and decides to fight him without his enhancements. To that, he straightens out his neck and tail and somehow, fires himself at Sanji by detaching his neck and tail from his torso, a move he calls Brachiojaurus. The Alliance and Sanji are left in complete shock at this bizarre attack as Queen wraps Sanji with his snake-like body and proceeds to squeeze him with Brachiotoguros. Queen tells Sanji that even the toughest of fighters have fallen to his attack, but considers letting him go if he shows him Germa's capabilities. Sanji once again refuses as Queen directs his attention to his separated torso, which has deployed two missile launchers on its side. Queen tells Sanji that his Brachio Launchers respond by voice command, but before he can give them the order to fire, the missiles accidently misfire and hit Queen instead.

Queen realizes the missiles fired because he said the words "Brachio Launchers" during his explanation, which he tries to explain to his torso, only for him to say the words again and causing the missiles to misfire again and hit him again. Annoyed by this, Queen decides to reform with his torso and drops Sanji, justifying that he won't survive from his crushing coil. A nervous Chopper calls to Sanji only to see him get back up on his feet, still able to move yet with all his bones broken. Sanji's body snaps back into place and he begins to fear that he has awakened the same enhancements as his siblings.

Sanji becomes enraged by this supposed power up due to fearing he will become inhumane like his brothers, but as he thinks that, Queen, who has returned to his hybrid form, tries to strike Sanji with his sword, but only ends up shattering it against his head with Sanji only feeling minor pain.

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Chapter Notes

  • One of the CP0 agents talks to Rob Lucci, who is leading a fleet towards Wano Country.
    • According to Lucci, Wano will be placed under the World Government's control if Kaidou loses in the war.
    • CP0 is also given orders to capture Robin.
  • Robin recovers from her fight against Black Maria.
  • Momonosuke and Yamato separated, with the former trying to create Flame Clouds large enough to support Onigashima and the latter climbing the island to deal with the explosives to reduce the potential damage.
  • There are five minutes left until Onigashima reaches the Flower Capital.
  • Members of the Heart Pirates are on Onigashima.
  • Yamato's full beast form is shown.
  • At the Live Floor, the battle between Sanji and Queen continues.
    • Queen transforms into his full beast form.
    • Queen is able to detach his neck and tail from his torso, resulting in a snake-like appearance.
      • Queen wraps around Sanji, trapping him.
    • Queen's torso fires missiles at himself.
    • It's revealed that Busoshoku Haki only protects the surface of a user and cannot protect their insides.
    • Sanji is heavily hurt, but quickly recovers in a way similar to his siblings' abilities.
      • Sanji is worried he might have awakened the same enhancements as his siblings.
    • Queen reattaches his head and changes back to his Human-Beast Form before attacking Sanji with his sword, who remains unhurt.


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