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Chapter 1119 is titled "Emet".

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Oni Child Yamato's Golden Harvest Surrogate Pilgrimage, Vol. 9: "Kibi — Pelted with rocks by children who hate Kaidou."

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Kaku reluctantly allows for Stussy to escape. Luffy decides the only way to deal with the Five Elders is to knock them away from Egghead. Using teamwork his group knocks Mars away. Atlas decides to go check on the status of the Thousand Sunny. The video Den Den Mushi comes back online displaying more of the message, which York explains to the Elders they have to destroy it completely. Ju Peter releases the Cipher Pol agents from his body to try to suck up the Giant Warrior Pirates' ship forcing Luffy to stop him just as Bonney runs out of energy and reverts to her child form. Emet, the Iron Giant then stops Warcury's attack, as it states to Joy Boy to remember him when the time is right.

Long Summary[]

Once free, Kaku tells Stussy to go, stating that while they may have been cold-blooded colleagues once, he claims they are not friends, and when Lucci arrives, he will not be able to stop him from killing her for her treachery. Stussy leaves with tears in her eyes, with Kaku fighting back his own.

On the coast, the Marines are shocked to see Luffy now looks like his current wanted poster, while the Giants are dancing and singing. Mars calls Bonney's transformation an imitation of her Devil Fruit powers, so he is not intimidated. When he fires a blast of energy at the giants again, Luffy blocks it by making himself larger, even though he still feels pain. He tells his friends that the Five Elders cannot be hurt physically, so they need to knock him far away. He tells them to hit him in his large state as hard as they can, which Sanji and Franky agree, though Bonney was more concerned. The Giants move to extinguish the fire as Sanji, Franky, and Bonney unleash simultaneous attacks on Luffy's body, which also hurts him because most of them are using Haki. Luffy grabs Mars and pulls him into his inflated body just as the others' attacks hit him, and with their momentum, Luffy blasts Mars off into the sky with a new move called Gomu Gomu no Dawn Balloon.

With Mars gone, the Giants resume setting sail, but the crew notice that Usopp's group has not arrived yet, so Atlas decides to check it out, only to be informed that York is monitoring both her and Lilith's positions. Meanwhile, the Iron Giant lands on the ocean floor as Dr. Vegapunk's broadcast resumes, where he continues talking about the meaning of the secret name D. York informs the Elders that they only caused a temporary interruption when they attacked the Iron Giant. Therefore, the only way to stop the broadcast permanently is to destroy the Broadcast Den Den Mushi within the Iron Giant itself.

Luffy and the others notice something falling from the sky, which turns out to be a bunch of rubble mixed with the captive Cipher Pol agents swallowed by Ju Peter, which he started firing out of his mouth at the pirates. The Marines start catching the falling agents and Seraphim as Ju Peter starts sucking in the Giants' ship. The Giants decide to use the oars while Luffy punches Ju Peter to get him to stop. While he is busy fighting, Warcury charges forward, jumping off the coast to ram into and destroy the ship. As for Bonney, she turns back to normal, as she ran out of energy to maintain her form.

However, before Warcury can make contact, the Iron Giant, whose name is revealed to be Emet, emerges from the ocean and punches Warcury, breaking one of his tusks. Its return shocks everyone, especially Luffy.

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Author Comment

Did you see the Luffy on the Las Vegas Sphere?! I hope to see it in person someday.


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