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Chapter 1120 is titled "Atlas".

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Oni Child Yamato's Golden Harvest Surrogate Pilgrimage, Vol. 10: "Denjiro, Daimyo of Kibi, sentences the children!"

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In the past, it is revealed by Clover to Dr. Vegapunk that he is a D. and while Vegapunk refused to learn about the Void Century, he later learned of Clover's death and Robin's survival. In the present, as Vegapunk's message continues, Atlas knocks out Lilith and sacrifices herself so the Thousand Sunny can escape from Nusjuro. Meanwhile, the Iron Giant conveys a message to Luffy, as the other Elders decide to completely destroy it. Vegapunk then prepares to end his message as he states the twenty-five years ago, the Roger Pirates learned the true history.

Long Summary[]

Twenty-six years ago on Punk Hazard, Clover met with Dr. Vegapunk asking him to help study the Void Century alongside him and his colleagues. Dr. Vegapunk refused as he works for the World Government now. He also reminds Clover how many times he has been arrested by them and that the only reason he has lived for so long is so that the World Government can follow him to his colleagues and eliminate them all. Clover, however, reveals to Dr. Vegapunk that his older brother had the secret name "D.", and he was killed for it, with Clover, whose full name is Claíomh D. Clover, only able to survive by lying about his association. Because of that, Clover cannot accept a world where people die just because of their name, which is why he is so dedicated to unearthing the truth of the world. Despite hearing that, Dr. Vegapunk once again says he cannot help but promises to keep what Clover told him a secret, while also wishing him the best of luck. Clover declares he'll solve the mystery of the world someday.

Four years later, Dr. Vegapunk is informed of the Buster Call that occurred on Ohara, which Caesar Clown was thrilled to hear, believing it will serve as a warning to anyone who dares to study the Void Century. Dr. Vegapunk later visited the ruined island, and with tears in his eyes, asks Clover why he did not escape like he always did this time and why he thought saving his research was more important.

In the present, Dr. Vegapunk's message continues as he quotes Clover's words about how the voices of the past will be heard. He also says that history is written by the winners while the losers disappear without a trace, but the echoes of those voices were finally able to be reached to the rest of the world despite the sacrifices made.

Back at the Thousand Sunny, Zoro tells everyone to take off, but Lilith says they cannot with Nusjuro on their tail because if he interferes with the ship's takeoff, even by a little bit, the ship will not make it to sea. Suddenly, Atlas flies up to her and knocks her out before cutting off her connection to Punk Records which makes York think she is dead. Atlas asks the Straw Hats to take care of Lilith while she goes to stop Nusjuro. Immediately, she flies straight for him and grabs him, losing her left arm in the process, before flying him away as the ship finally uses Coup de Burst, taking off in the sky.

Down on the ground, Luffy is stoked to see Emet moving, while Emet expresses happiness in seeing "Joy Boy" again, even though he gets annoyed when Luffy gets confused regarding who he is talking about. Emet tells Luffy to go on while he holds off the Five Elders, with Warcury and Peter realizing they cannot stop Dr. Vegapunk's message without completely destroying the robot. The Giants ask Luffy if Emet is on their side and he tells them he told him yes. To his surprise, no one else heard Emet speak and only Luffy heard him speak. Peter makes his move and charges for Emet who sticks out his arm preparing to fire something. Unfortunately, it fails to fire and Peter chomps down on his arm while Saturn jumps off his back onto the Giants' ship much to everyone's shock. Sanji then notices the Thousand Sunny flying through the air and heading downwards as Nusjuro asks Atlas if she would seriously sacrifice herself, but she simply says she is performing a service. Atlas then explodes as the crew watched in sorrow, while York jumps for joy over being the only Dr. Vegapunk left. Meanwhile, Emet remarks how rusty he has become over the centuries and decides to use what Joy Boy told him to save for the right moment.

All the while, Dr. Vegapunk says he has run out of time to continue studying the past. Roger, who he says his full name (to the confusion of others), along with his Roger Pirates crew members were able to hear the "purest" voices of the past.

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