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Chapter 113 is titled "It's All Right!!!".

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Diary of Koby-Meppo, Vol. 25: "Koby-Meppo, to the Marine Headquarters"

Vice-Admiral Garp's ship heads back to Marine Headquarters.

Short Summary

Vivi explains how she infiltrated Baroque Works and discovered that they plan to take control of her country. The Straw Hats promise to help her in reaching her island safely.

Long Summary

After getting rid of Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine, Zoro and Luffy return to their fight. However, they are quickly stopped by Nami who does not want to lose an opportunity to earn 1 billion belly.

Everyone explains to each other but Vivi is unable to promise the reward to Nami. Her country, Arabasta, is on the verge of a civil war, which had secretly been started by the Baroque Works organization. In order to help her country, Princess Vivi has infiltrated Baroque Works with her counselor, Igaram, in order to understand the organisation's true motives. She learned that their ultimate plan they call Dream Country, is in reality to conquer Arabasta by putting it into chaos. When Luffy asks Vivi who is pulling the strings, she accidentally reveals that Mr. 0 is Crocodile, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Unfortunately for them, Baroque Works' Unluckies agents have overheard her revealing the information and they quickly put the three Straw Hat on their organisation's wanted list.

Now that they share the same enemy as Vivi, Igaram proposes a plan: he will go directly to Arabasta, thanks to an Eternal Pose, while the Straw Hat will accompany Vivi through the standard road which will be longer but safer. However, as soon as he departs, Igaram's boat explodes. Luffy does not hesitate any further and states he will help Vivi reach her country.

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Chapter Notes

  • The boss of Baroque Works is revealed to be a Warlord named Crocodile who has a former bounty of Beli.png80,000,000 (incorrect number that will later be corrected).
  • Igaram created dummies known as Henoheno Unchi (へのへのうんち, Henoheno Unchi) on February 19.[1]


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  1. Vivre Card - One Piece Visual Dictionary, Information about the Henoheno Unchi is revealed.

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