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Chapter 120 is titled "The Red Ogre Weeps".

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Animal Theater: Luffy cross a scrubland on camelback. He has lent his hat to the camel, with a cobra taking its place on his own head; all three hang their tongues identically in the blistering heat.

Short Summary

Brogy defeats Dorry thanks to Mr. 3's interference, but Mr. 3 then comes in and overwhelms Brogy by using the power of the Doru Doru no Mi to cover his body in wax. Meanwhile, Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine confront Luffy, Usopp, and Vivi after defeating Karoo, and they capture Vivi to bring her to Mr. 3.

Long Summary

Mr. 3's interference allows Brogy to land a great blow on Dorry's chest, defeating the latter. Luffy becomes very enraged and yells out, wanting to know who had weakened Dorry. Miss Goldenweek hears him, but Mr. 3 pays no attention. Brogy starts to cry with happiness over finally winning in their duel, when Mr. 3 approaches him and thanks him. He introduces himself to Brogy before revealing that he has encased the giant's feet with wax using the power of the Doru Doru no Mi.

Meanwhile, Usopp and Vivi decide to go find the people who harmed Dorry. Right then, however, Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine come out of the woods with a defeated Karoo. Mr. 5 reveals that they had been trying to lure Vivi away from Luffy by forcing Karoo to cry out for her, but the duck refused even to the point of severe beating. Usopp asks if they put the bomb in Dorry's rum, which they affirm, and they note that they had not seen him before. Usopp and Vivi then pull out their weapons and race to attack, with Usopp launching an explosive shot at Mr. 5. However, Mr. 5 is unharmed due to his Devil Fruit power, and he responds by flicking an explosive ball of mucus at Usopp. Miss Valentine then leaps into the air before becoming much heavier and slamming into Usopp. Vivi attempts to attack Mr. 5, but he overwhelms her with an explosion before grabbing her by the neck. He says that he is not going to kill Vivi, but rather take her to Mr. 3 on his orders. Meanwhile, Mr. 3 has pinned Brogy to the ground with his wax as he states his intention to create a masterpiece of artwork.

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Chapter Notes

  • Brogy defeats Dorry due to Baroque Works' interference.
  • Usopp meets Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine for the first time, and the two Officer Agents quickly realize that he is a member of Luffy's crew.
  • Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine capture Vivi to bring her to Mr. 3.
  • Mr. 3 captures Brogy and states his intention to create a piece of art.


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  • This chapter's title is a reference to The Crying Red Ogre (泣いた赤鬼 Naita aka-oni?), a classic Japanese picture-book by Hirosuke Hamada.

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