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{{Chapter box
{{Chapter box
| title = The Red Ogre Cried
| title = The Red Ogre Cried
| image = [[File:Chapter 120.png|280x280px]]
| jname = 赤鬼が泣いた
| jname = 赤鬼が泣いた
| rname = Akaoni ga Naita
| rname = Akaoni ga Naita

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Chapter 120 is titled "The Red Ogre Cried".


Volume: 14 Pg.: 47

Straw Hats and Animals: Luffy on a camel that has his hat on.

Short Summary

Without knowing that he was helped, Brogy cries tears of joy after his victory against Dorry, but his joy is shortened by Mr. 3's interruption. While celebrating the giant's feet are immobilised and he cannot move anymore.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Usopp are very upset by the situation and while they are wondering who is responsible, Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine make their appearance with an injured Carue. They tell Vivi that they were trying to use him as bait for capturing Vivi, but the duck did not betray his master. They also correctly assume that Usopp is a member of the Straw Hats despite not meeting him earlier at Whiskey Peak and decide to eliminate him as well. Usopp and Vivi try to get revenge for their friend but are no match against the Baroque Works agents who, unfortunately, capture the princess in order to take her to Mr. 3.

Long Summary

Quick Reference

Chapter Notes

  • The name of the chapter is a reference to the Japanese fairy tale "Naita Akaoni" or "The Red Ogre That Cried".
  • Usopp meets Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine for the first time, and the two Officer Agents quickly realize that he is a member of Luffy's crew.
  • Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine easily defeat Usopp and Nefertari Vivi.


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