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Chapter 133 is titled "Adventure in the Country Without a Name".

Cover Page[edit | edit source]

Color Spread: Luffy, Sanji and Nami riding a snow sledge while Luffy talks to a snow monster. Apparently Zoro is missing and Luffy shows Zoro's wanted poster to the snow monster and he is asking if it saw him around.

Short Summary[edit | edit source]

The Straw Hats are guided by Dalton, the guard captain, to Bighorn, a village of Drum Island. There is only one doctor on the island, Dr. Kureha, who lives in a castle at the top of a steep mountain. To reach her quickly, Luffy and Sanji decide to climb the mountain, carrying Nami on their back.

Long Summary[edit | edit source]

Dalton, the guard of the island, leads the Straw Hats toward his village. Zoro and Karoo stay behind to guard the Going Merry. The island seems to be in an important time of its history since strange things are hinted: it has no name, the villagers are making a police force, and an election is about to occur. But to the Straw Hats' misfortune, there is only one doctor—a 140 year old lady, Dr. Kureha—whom the villagers call a witch. She lives in a castle at the top of a steep mountain and only comes down to treat patients when she so desires. However, according to Dalton, she is very skillful at her practice.

With Nami's fever climbing, Luffy decides to climb the mountain instead of waiting for the doctor. Nami agrees and Luffy and Sanji depart with the sick girl on Luffy's back.

Dalton explains to Vivi and Usopp that their country has recently been attacked by a handful of pirates led by Blackbeard. However, in their misfortune, it allowed them to get rid of their king tyrant: Wapol!

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Chapter Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Dalton is formerly introduced as Drum's guard captain.
  • Wapol used to be the king of Drum but fled when the island was rampaged by Blackbeard Pirates.
  • The only doctor of Drum is a witch named Dr. Kureha. She lives with a weird creature.

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