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Chapter 134 is titled "Dr. Kureha".

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Jango's Dance Paradise, Side Issue: "Kaya Is Now A Doctor's Apprentice And Doing Fine"

True to her word, Kaya has begun pursuing her medical studies; though no longer "pirates" per se, Tamanegi, Ninjin, and Piiman take it upon themselves to escort her through town every day.

Short Summary

Dalton reveals to Vivi and Usopp that Wapol was their former king. But instead of protecting the villagers during Blackbeard's attack, he fled along with the country's army and became a pirate as a decoy. Vivi cannot believe that a king can act so badly. Unfortunately for Drum people, their worst fear is about to happen: Wapol and his men are in view of their former island and he is coming back to reclaim his throne.

Meanwhile, Sanji and Luffy are on their way to retrieve the doctor who can cure Nami, and while chitchatting, they are attacked by a baby lapahn, but Sanji gets rid of him easily. A group of adults Lapahns appear in front of them.

Dr. Kureha, the only Doctor of the island, has come down to a nearby town. She cures a boy who is suffering enormously, but the villagers are skeptical with her unorthodox manner and fees. They are easily convinced after she shows her tremendous skill by diagnosing and curing the boy efficiently.

Long Summary

Dalton is surprised to learn that the Straw Hats know about Wapol. Usopp responds that he tried to attack them a couple of days ago, and Vivi reveals that she met him a while ago at the council of kings. Vivi's comment prompts shock from Dalton as to her true identity. Vivi attempts to cover up her mistake and changes the subject.

Dalton then explains that Wapol was the king of the country but fled when pirates arrived, witch surprises Vivi as to how a king can be so uncaring towards his people.

Meanwhile, Luffy is carrying Nami when they are confronted by Lapins. While it is revealed that Kureha has just come down to a neighboring village and that Wapol has finally found drum kingdom. Elsewhere, Dr. Kureha is at a bar diagnosing a child, who she believes that he was on the verge of death but she treats him, and then demands an exceptionally large fee, which angers the father and the villagers but the boy thanks her and she collects her fee.

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