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Chapter 135 is titled "Lapahn".

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Jango's Dance Paradise, Vol. 8: "The East Blue's Most Popular Destination, Mirrorball Island".

Jango arrives at Mirrorball Island, famed for its dance culture.

Short Summary

Luffy and Sanji are stopped on their way to the castle by a herd of Lapin, giant and ferocious rabbits. Sanji explains to Luffy that only he can fight them, and that Luffy has to avoid engaging in battle or risk harming Nami. Sanji kicks them off and the herd become angry when they see him kick a small Lapahm.

Meanwhile, Dalton guides Vivi and Usopp to Cocoa Weed, the village where Dr. Kureha was last seen. However, when they arrive she has already left. The bad news continue when a guard arrives in a shocked state. He tells Dalton that their former king, Wapol, has returned.

On the coast, Wapol defeated the village guards easily and is determined to return to his castle as soon as possible, but when he learns that the Going Merry is nearby and that the Straw Hats headed towards Bighorn village, he decides to take his revenge. Dalton, on his side, left Cocoa as soon as he heard the news, in order to stop the tyrant's return to his throne.

Long Summary

Dalton apologizes for assuming that Dr. Kureha would not be back so soon while they head for Cocoa Weed village.

Meanwhile, Sanji ad Luffy are faced with a pack of Lapins and Sanji makes Luffy swear not to fight so as not to injure Nami. Luffy evades the attacks and runs with the pack chasing them.

While this is happening, Wapol is arriving at Drum Kingdom and is about to return to his castle when he finds the Straw Hat's ship, which makes him go to Big Horn instead so that he may kill the Straw Hats. Meanwhile, at Cocoa Weed Dalton and co. are informed that Dr. Kureha has left already, and that Wapol has returned to Big Horn, which prompts Dalton to head back.

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Chapter Notes

  • Dalton reveals his former position as the leader of Drum's military.
    • Wapol is revealed to have exiled all doctors just to keep his personal Isshi-20 to control the people's lives through their health.
  • Wapol plans to attack Drum Island.


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