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Chapter 138 is titled "Summit".

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Jango's Dance Paradise, Vol. 10: "Need To Disguise - 5 Seconds Before Jango's True Face Revealed".

Jango is about to remove his trademark glasses. What kind of eyes lie behind them?

Short Summary

Luffy encounters Wapol and two of his followers who had decided to kill him. However, due to Nami and Sanji's conditions, he is unable to fight back. While he is barely able to evade the trio's attacks, who perfectly mastered battle in a snowy area, he is rescued by a group of lapahn, as a way of thanks for saving a baby lapahn parent earlier.

Luffy reaches the bottom of the castle cliff. However, the mountain is almost vertical and very high. Determined, Luffy finally succeed to reach the top after several hours. Unable to make another step, he collapses at the top. As he is about to fall from the cliff, a helpful hand rescues him.

Long Summary

Wapol confronts Luffy, who ignores him, and is attacked for his lack of respect. However, Luffy cannot fight back due to the fact that he is carrying his critically-injured crew mates. Fortunately, he is helped by the lapahns he helped out earlier.

Luffy then arrives at the base of a nearly vertical cliff. He begins to climb the mountain wall while carrying Sanji and Nami on his back. Finally, after 3 hours of climbing, he reaches the top of the mountain right before he collapses.

Meanwhile, Wapol and his men have defeated all the lapahns. He then vows to gain revenge on Luffy.

At the mountain top, Luffy has finally arrived but passes out due to sheer exhaustion. As he is about to fall off the mountain, a mysterious figure reaches out to save him.

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