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Chapter 139 is titled "Introducing Tony Tony Chopper".

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Jango's Dance Paradise, Vol. 11: "A Hearty Stare".

Jango lowers his glasses, exposing his best-kept secret: his eyes are heart-shaped too.

Short Summary

While Vivi, Usopp, and Zoro recover from the avalanche, Nami wakes up in the Drum Castle, where she found Dr. Kureha, who has cured her, and a strange little reindeer.

Long Summary

After the avalanche, Vivi and Usopp are still alive but lost. On their way, they accidentally bump into an almost naked Zoro who tells them he was performing training when the avalanche struck. Together they continue their journey and they realize they have returned to Bighorn. They learn from the villagers that Dalton is still buried by the avalanche, but that Wapol's men prevent the villagers from freeing him. Hearing that they are enemies, Zoro beats up one of the guards and everyone lauds him as a hero. However, he quickly reveals he just wanted their warm clothes and the fact that they were in the way was just a bonus.

Meanwhile at the castle, Nami wakes up. In her room is a strange animal that can walk and talk, who seems quite impersonal. When Dr. Kureha enters, she reveals that everyone is safe and that Nami narrowly escaped death. Would it have been 2 days more, she would have died from a disease named Casha. Moreover, even if she feels better, she still has to be treated for another 3 days. Nami finds that's too long and wants to leave.

Suddenly, Luffy and Sanji burst into the room, pursuing Chopper in order to eat him. When asked about this strange animal, Doctorine reveals that it is a reindeer who accidentally ate the Hito Hito no Mi, hence becoming a reindeer able to talk and transform himself into a human.

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Chapter Notes

  • Tony Tony Chopper, previously already seen as both a reindeer and a humanoid, is fully revealed in a hybrid form.
    • Chopper ate the Hito Hito no Mi, making him a reindeer with the powers to become a human.
  • Dr. Kureha reveals Nami's malady in association to the kestia on Little Garden.
  • Dr. Kureha taught Chopper her medical skill.


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