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Chapter 143 is titled "Unskilled".

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Jango's Dance Paradise, Vol. 14: "Daring Finals At the Dance Contest".

As the dance-off approaches its finale, Jango finds himself facing a worthy opponent wearing a very familiar set of brass knuckles.

Short Summary

Dr. Hiriluk learns that he is going to die and Chopper searches for a mushroom that can cure him.

Long Summary

Dr. Hiriluk learns from Dr. Kureha what he knows already: he is on the verge of death. Infected by a strong bacteria, he will not live more than three or four days. However, that is not sufficient to complete the research he has made during the last 30 years—a cure for any disease. He begs Kureha to give him more time so that he can complete the Cherry blossom miracle. Kureha mocks him and tells him that his one time cure that he believe to help him as a thief will not cure Drum Island, revealing the man in the story was actually Hiriluk himself.

While Dr. Kureha argues with Hiriluk, she notices Chopper is spying on them from the window. Chopper, understanding that Hiriluk chased him only so that he does not see his only friend die, started a journey to help the sick doctor.

After a week of hard struggles, he returns to the fake doctor's lab with an Amiudake mushroom in his hand. While he gave the mushroom to Hiriluk, Chopper asks him to live and to teach him how to become a doctor.

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Chapter Notes

  • Hiriluk learns that he has come down with a fatal disease.
  • Chopper searches for a cure.
  • Chopper encounters his old herd and is attacked by the leader. Chopper wins the battle but walks away with his left antler and right leg broken and very bloodied up.
  • Chopper obtains an Amiudake mushroom.


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