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Chapter 147 is titled "Downright Lie".

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Color Spread: "A caballo vamo' pa'l mar!"

The Straw Hat Pirates are running along a beach, Luffy at the head, Sanji and Nami trying to catch his blown-off hat; a grinning, bird-like Sea King looms in the background.

(According to Color Walk 2, the caption is meant to read "Across the sea" in Spanish, though its grammar is somewhat inaccurate.)

Short Summary

The power of the Baku Baku no Mi is shown.

Long Summary

In Bighorn, the Isshi-20 decide to betray Wapol, whom they have followed by fear and rescue Dalton. Usopp tells Vivi that they should not worry about Luffy and Sanji as they can take care of themselves. When Dalton decides to fight against his former king, whereas he is barely able to stand up, Usopp, who was afraid of climbing the mountain a few seconds before, proposes to carry Dalton on his back as he is invigorated by their warrior's spirit.

Meanwhile in front of the castle, Wapol demonstrates the extent of his Baku Baku no Mi powers by transforming into a living canon house. Indeed, he has the ability to transform into everything he has eaten and admit to eating canons and explosives to create his current structure. He even eats Chess and Kuromarimo and fuses them into a new adversary, Chessmarimo.

To demonstrate his desire to take back his castle, Wapol shoots at the symbol of his adversaries: Dr. Hiriluk's flag. Chopper is furious and run towards Wapol, however, by respect to his friend's wishes, he does not attack him. However, Wapol does not hesitate and shoots the naive reindeer. Meanwhile, Luffy has reached the castle roof in order to restore the pirate flag on top of the castle spire.

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