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Chapter 151 is titled "The Skies of Drum".

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Jango's Dance Paradise, Vol. 20: "The Attack of Captain Yurikah and the Tulip Pirates".

Mirrorball Island is invaded by the bizarre—but vicious—Tulip Pirates.

Short Summary

While Dalton takes the Ropeway to the castle with his men, Vivi, Zoro and Usopp reminisce about the many injustices Wapol has performed in the past. At the top, Luffy and Wapol fight each other. Luffy explains what it means to be a true pirate. Moreover, he does not care about being an enemy of the World Government and sends Wapol, who chooses to flee rather than risk his life, flying away with his Gomu Gomu no Bazooka.

Long Summary

The villagers have revealed a way to get to the castle from Dr. Kureha's old house. They are aboard the tram with injured Dalton. He remembers how he stands up against the king saying how useless he is since he does not care about the people. He calls the king a fool, making him mad. The king severely beats Dalton to the brink of death.

Meanwhile, the fight between Luffy and Wapol rages on with Wapol threatening the wrath of the world government if anything happens to him. Luffy responds that he does not care and grabs Wapols face ready to attack. Wapol tries to eat his hand but Luffy just stretches. Wapol then spits up a cannon and fires at Luffy, while Dalton wonders about government. Luffy then appears unscathed from the cannon and still holds onto Wapol.

It switches back to Dalton. He tells the villagers to stand clear of the castle. He has dynamite and he plans on blowing it up. Luffy grabs Wapol and spins him around with his arms. He then kicks him while Wapol is still spinning sending him flying through the roof. He lands back onto the roof and sees Choppers pirate flag. He reaches to take it down but Luffy tells him he has no right touching a sacred pirate flag. Luffy then punches him and sends him flying out of sight.

All the villagers see that Wapol has been beaten and they start rejoicing. Chopper's faith in pirates surges as he sees that the straw hat pirates are good people.

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