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Chapter 153 is titled "Hiriluk's Sakura".

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Jango's Dance Paradise, Vol. 21: "Lucky!! Jango Escapes".

As Marines rush to put down the pirates, Jango flees with all of Mirrorball Island's panicking civilians.

Short Summary

Kureha objects to Chopper's decision to leave the castle. However, the team set off with Chopper after being chased off by Kureha. While the team escapes, Kureha uses Hiriluk's special 'red dirt' to create a sakura tree effect to see Chopper off.

Long Summary

The Straw Hat Pirates are ready to depart, they are only waiting for Chopper and Dr. Kureha to say good-bye. But when Chopper reveals to Kureha that he has decided to become a pirate, she does not accept it. Enraged by what she considers a selfish behavior after everything she has done for the young reindeer, she starts to chase him in order to force him to stay, praying him to not believe in Hiriluk's hopeless dreams. Chopper with no other choice but to run away, mounts Dr. Kureha's sled and rushes toward the Straw Hats who have no other choice than jump in it for a hasty departure.

Going down by the Drum Ropeway, Chopper has sad feelings, he does not know if he should trust Dr. Kureha or believe in Hiriluk who gave him hope with his researches and pushed him to discover the world.

At the castle, Dr. Kureha reveals her true feelings to Dalton, she hates sad goodbyes and grants to Chopper a nice farewell. The preparations she asked to the villagers are now completed, and she asks them to fire the cannon which are pointing toward the sky. The noise of the canons wakes up the entire island who first worried for a possible return of Wapol. They discover a marvelous sight. The cannons, filled with Dr. Hiriluk's pink powder, color the snow and cover the island with the miracle Sakura aura. Chopper, in tears, watches the show fall with his new friends. His doubts have vanished and he is thankful for the two doctors that have helped him.

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