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Chapter 184 is called "Molehill 4th St.".


Volume: 20 Pg.: 147

Hatchan's Sea-Floor Stroll Vol. 3: "Hatchan saves a Panda Shark"

Hatchan removes a hook stuck in the Panda Shark's snout.

Short Summary

Usopp discovers the trap that Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas have planned at the outer east gate. Chopper has already discovered the tricky explosive base balls launched by the dog-gun Lassoo and tries to warn Usopp about them. With her Devil Fruit, Miss Merry Christmas dug into the soil to create many tunnels allowing them to completely control the battlefield. Chopper is unable to use his Rumble Ball as his enemies are not visible most of the time. However, Usopp, after he fought against his usual cowardice took advantage of the tunnels to hide himself and to punch Mr. 4 in the head with a 5 ton hammer.

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1: first introduction.

3: first appearance

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